Tips for visiting Chenshan Botanical Garden

Updated: 2020-07-27

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Ticket reservation

Since it reopened on March 13 (8:00-17:00), Chenshan Botanical Garden has been using an online real-name ticket booking system.

While epidemic prevention efforts are ongoing, the Mine Pontoon Bridge and Children's Botanical Garden will remain temporarily closed. (The greenhouse has been open since May 16 at 30 percent capacity every day: a maximum of 360 people are allowed to enter the Huaguo Pavilion, 280 people for the Shasheng Pavilion and 210 people for the Exotic Pavilion.)

Online reservations: Tickets can be booked through the WeChat account of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, the official website, or through the Meituan and Xiecheng e-commerce platforms. (Reservations are limited to 30 percent of maximum capacity, and e-commerce platforms do not support same-day booking.)

Telephone reservations: Call 021-67657812 (10:00-14:00) one day in advance for reservations and scan the QR code at the entrance of the garden to buy the tickets.

Those eligible for free entry: Receive a QR code through the WeChat account of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden or the official website by real-name reservation and enter the garden with valid documents.

Notice for when entering the garden

Visitors are required to wear masks, show their health codes and have their temperatures taken. (Those whose temperature exceeds 37.3℃ will be discouraged from entering.)

Visitors with tickets will have their QR codes scanned before entering the garden.

Visitors eligible for free entry must show their valid documents and have their reservation QR codes scanned to enter the garden. Visitors who made phone reservations must scan their QR code at the entrance to buy tickets before entering the garden.

Ticket information

Full price: 60 yuan ($8.6)/each

Half price: 7 to 18 years old, full-time students with a bachelor's degree or below (must present student ID card or valid document to check in at the gate) 85 percent discount: 60 to 64 years old (present valid document)

Free: Children shorter than 1.3 meters or aged 6 or below, seniors above 65 years old, active soldiers, disabled (present valid document) (For more information please refer to the official website of Chenshan or "Ticketing Instructions" at the ticketing center.)

Useful information

Tourist Centers at Gate 1 and Gate 2 of Chenshan Botanical Garden provide several free services: (1) Wheel -chair rental (deposit: 300 yuan) (2) Baby stroller rental (deposit: 300 yuan) (3) Crutch rental (deposit: 100 yuan) (4) Umbrella rental (deposit: 100 yuan) (5) Inquiry (6) Sewing kit (7) Nursing room (8) Drinking water (9) Guidebook (10) Wireless network coverage (11) Self-service mobile phone charging


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