Fulfill your dream to fly at Shanghai Sculpture Park

Updated: 2020-09-10

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Fulfill your dream to fly at Shanghai Sculpture Park
Visitors can participate in various interactive activities during the Flying Carnival at the Shanghai Sculpture Park. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyoutopnews]

The 2020 Flying Carnival featuring various flying-themed activities will be held at the Shanghai Sculpture Park from Sept 19 to 20.

Parents can bring their children and set up a tent at the park for the duration of the two-day carnival. Camping costs 480 yuan for those who bring their own tents and 580 yuan for those who rent tents, including two adult tickets and two child tickets to the carnival. There will be a variety of family activities on offer at the event, according to the organizers.

At the opening ceremony on Sept 19, various shows will be held. One will feature planes leaving trails of smoke above the water, while another will feature a drone and paper plane formation pulling flags. Also included are a 3D aerobatics show, a simulation of famous World War II aerial battle scenes, and a helicopter aerobatics show.

Visitors will be able to participate in various interactive activities at a flying-themed fair in the park, such as a pilot enrollment test, pilot physical test, and a plane-flying simulation using drones. Participants will learn about aviation and common problems encountered by aircraft and will be able to buy various toys and souvenirs at the fair.

During the fair, visitors will be able to enjoy a five-minute ride on a real helicopter for 480 yuan. The helicopter can carry up to 30 people and will give passengers the chance to take in the scenery at the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, where the park is located.

At night, a drone light show will light up the sky as drones fly through a luminous obstacle course.

Other activities during the fair will include a lakeside run, a sailing show, and a kayak race, all of which are suitable for families.

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