Begonia Show kicks off at Chenshan Botanical Garden

Updated: 2020-11-02

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Begonia Show kicks off at Chenshan Botanical Garden

The Chenshan Botanical Garden holds its first Begonia Show. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyoutopnews]

The Chenshan Botanical Garden recently held its first Begonia Show, displaying 120 types of begolias from home and abroad.

The show includes a landscape exhibition and an individual exhibition. Detailed descriptions are displayed next to the plants, providing information related to cultivation and research on begolias.

The landscape exhibition showcases the beauty of various begolias in the simulated natural environment of different areas. It is being held at a rare plant house in the garden's display greenhouse.

The individual exhibition is being held in the sharing space of the display greenhouse. Visitors can get a close look at begolias from different areas, including some rare species, through displays, bars, and art walls.

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