Notice: North gate of West Sheshan Park temporarily closed

Updated: 2021-06-09

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Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park has released a notice that the north gate (original entrance) of West Sheshan Park will be temporarily closed from June 1 to Aug 10, 2021.

Visitors can follow the signs to enter the park from the east gate at West Sheshan Park (No 9260, Waiqingsong Road, Sonjiang district, Shanghai).

According to the notice, the closure is due to the improvement and renovation of the scenic environment to ensure the safety of tourists and the quality of the amenities.

The Sheshan National Forest Park is the only natural mountain forest resort in Shanghai. It has a wide variety of trees that create plenty of shade, making it a popular place for hiking. The fresh air, birds and fragrant flowers in the park provide visitors with an idyllic getaway from the city.

Notice: North gate of West Sheshan Park temporarily closed

Visitors walk in the shade at the Sheshan National Forest Park. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]

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