Sheshan scenic spots in children's drawings

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Updated: 2022-05-07

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Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, located in Shanghai's Songjiang district, is known as the "backyard garden of Shanghai". It is home to a number of popular scenic spots in the city, making it an attractive destination for family trips.

What are the children's reactions to the resort's attractions? Find out by looking at some imaginative drawings created by children.

Sheshan scenic spots in children's drawings

Chen Zixi's drawing depicts Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]

Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park in the resort features a range of scenic mountains and forests, making it a must-visit for hikers and an ideal place for those who want to get closer to nature during their family vacations. The park boasts abundant plant resources, and a wide variety of trees create plenty of shade in the park, attracting crowds of visitors in the summer. The fresh air, chirping birds and fragrant flowers in the park provide visitors with an idyllic getaway from the city.

Sheshan scenic spots in children's drawings

Guo Tian's drawing depicts Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]

Dubbed the "Root of Shanghai", Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park in the resort offers visitors a chance to explore the origins of Shanghai and the city's ancient way of life through a series of well-preserved relics. The archaeological site, where relics of an ancient culture dating back to the Neolithic Age have been unearthed, is home to many artifacts left behind from inhabitants living in the area 5,000 years ago. There are also specially-designed cultural and archaeological exhibition halls and exhibition areas showcasing folk culture, religious culture and local cultural heritage.

Sheshan scenic spots in children's drawings

Gao Zixuan's drawing depicts Sheshan Observatory. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]

Sheshan Observatory, located on the hillside of Sheshan Mountain in the resort, is China's first modern observatory with a planetarium dome and a large astronomical telescope. The observatory houses China's earliest large astronomical telescope, which was built in 1990 and remains one of the country's largest refracting telescopes. Space enthusiasts are able to use the century-old telescope to view the vast sky.

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