Water lily extravaganza kicks off in Shanghai2020-08-25

The 2020 Water Lily Exhibition kicked off in Shanghai's Chenshan Botanical Garden on Aug 18.

Stunts by international circus performers on stage2020-08-13

Gold award-winning shows by circus performers from more than 10 countries are currently being staged at a theater at Shanghai Happy Valley.

Shanghai Happy Valley EV Electronic Music Festival to rock you2020-07-14

The Shanghai Happy Valley EV Electronic Music Festival, one of the events to be held during the 2020 Sheshan Summer Carnival, will last from July 10 to Aug 30.

Playa Maya Water Park Electronic Music Party2020-07-14

The Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park will hold water parties, including electronic musical performances which can be enjoyed from in the water.

Magical Smurf night2020-07-14

The Smurfs theme park will introduce children to the world of the Smurfs thorough a nighttime activity on July 18.

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