Year in review: Highlights from Sheshan's 20192020-01-03

A look back on the major events.

Smurfs build village in Shehsan2019-12-25

Dream City, the first Smurfs-themed park in the Asia-Pacific region, started trial operation in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort on Dec 18.

Sheshan unveils green tourism plan2016-11-03

Better public transport links, more forest coverage and a new network of footpaths were among the measures included in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort's plan.

Tianma Modern Services Project2015-10-16

The Tianma modern services project, financed by Shimao Group, is located between Tianma Mountain and Henshan Mountain in the southwestern corner of Sheshan holiday resort.

Master plan for Sheshan National Tourist Resort2012-05-21

On May 27, 1996, the executive meeting of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government deliberated and approved the Strategic Plan for Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort and the Master Plan (Outline) for Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Shanghai Shimao Theme Park2012-05-21

Located at Lot 2, Chen Hua Road at southwestern Sheshan Town of Songjiang District in Shanghai, Shanghai Shimao Wonderland sits in the Sheshan National Forest Resort Area between Tianmashan Hill and Hengshan Hill.

Venice Hotel2012-05-21

Venice Hotel is another important tourist project invested by Overseas Chinese Town in Sheshan National Tourist Resort.


The selected site for the project is at the western corner of Sheshan National Tourist Resort. It is an important node of East China's low-altitude flight network.

Caravan Park2012-05-21

The selected site is near the Tourist Distribution Center to the west of No. 9 Subway Dongjing Station. It is an important node of East China's caravan network.

Exclusive bicycle lanes2012-05-21

In the core area of Sheshan National Tourist Resort, bicycle lanes will be built or rebuilt.

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