Tent Music Festival to open in Guangfulin2019-09-16

The first Tent Music Festival will be held in the 5,500-year-old Guangfulin Relic Park, in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort from Oct 2 to 3.

Shanghai's cultural roots displayed in Sheshan2019-08-28

As the birthplace of Shanghai's culture and history, Songjiang district is reviving its heritages with a series of relic restoration projects, as well as traditional cultural events, some of which are located in Sheshan Resort.

Sheshan blooms with ongoing lily expo2019-08-21

A flower expo showcasing a tranquil world of water lilies has kicked off at Chenshan Botanical Garden and will run until Sept 18.

Robot steward at Yuluxe Sheshan2019-08-12

A robot steward is now on duty at Yuluxe Sheshan, a Tribute Portfolio hotel in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, local media reported on Aug 12.

The best summer getaway in Shanghai2019-07-16

Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort is staging a series of festivities in its Playa Maya Water Park and Happy Valley, offering an enticing getaway from the summer heat.

Enjoy water sports at Moon Lake Sculpture Park2019-06-26

The Shenxin Maichi Water Sports Club, located at Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park, boasts a water area of 31 hectares and will offer visitors a refreshing experience to fight the scorching summer heat.

Sheshan unveils green tourism plan2016-11-03

Better public transport links, more forest coverage and a new network of footpaths were among the measures included in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort's plan.

Tianma Modern Services Project2015-10-16

The Tianma modern services project, financed by Shimao Group, is located between Tianma Mountain and Henshan Mountain in the southwestern corner of Sheshan holiday resort.

Master plan for Sheshan National Tourist Resort2012-05-21

On May 27, 1996, the executive meeting of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government deliberated and approved the Strategic Plan for Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort and the Master Plan (Outline) for Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Shanghai Shimao Theme Park2012-05-21

Located at Lot 2, Chen Hua Road at southwestern Sheshan Town of Songjiang District in Shanghai, Shanghai Shimao Wonderland sits in the Sheshan National Forest Resort Area between Tianmashan Hill and Hengshan Hill.

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