Stevia rebaudiana in full bloom2021-11-09

Stevia rebaudiana is in full bloom at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanicial Garden in Songjiang, Shanghai.

Enjoy a fall picnic at Yuluxe Sheshan2021-09-14

Yuluxe Sheshan is ready to satisfy those looking to go out for a fall picnic.

Tranquil Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park charms in autumn2021-09-10

In autumn, Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park, a historical site located 30 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai, shows its tranquil charm.

Animals, plants share Chenshan Botanical Garden2021-09-07

Visitors to the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden can meet some cute animals while admiring the greenery.

Chenshan puts spotlight on waterlilies2021-09-07

More than 10,000 waterlilies are on show in Shanghai's Chenshan Botanical Gardens through Sept 18.

Take a one-day trip in early autumn2021-08-31

Here is a recommended one-day travel route at the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Lonely tree goes viral2021-08-24

An attraction where a single tree stands solitarily on expansive grassland at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden has gone viral and become a popular spot for visitors to take pictures to be posted online.

Explore summer nights at Chenshan Botanical Garden2021-06-30

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden recently launched its popular parent-child night tour activities themed around science popularization.

Escape summer heat at Shanghai Maya Beach Water Park2021-06-28

The Shanghai Maya Beach Water Park has recently opened to the public, offering a great place to escape the summer heat.

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