Moon Lake Sculpture Park offers kayaking training courses2019-02-22

The Shenxin Maichi Water Sports Club, located at Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park, will offer children between the ages of six and 16 a series of kayaking courses.

Registration for Sheshan Intl Half Marathon opens2019-02-18

The 2019 Sheshan International Half Marathon Competition will return to Shanghai’s Songjiang district on March 17 after three years.

Chenshan Botanical Garden invites you to enjoy lantern festival2019-02-16

Chenshan Botanical Garden has prepared a series of festive activities on Feb 17 for visitors to enjoy a delightful lantern festival such as lantern riddles and parent-child activities.

Sheshan to host night camp themed around The Wandering Earth2019-02-12

The Ants Family Camp will host a night camp activity themed around The Wandering Earth, a sci-fi movie in 2019.

Shanghai Happy Valley set to celebrate Chinese New Year2019-02-01

Shanghai Happy Valley is ready to usher in the Year of the Pig with a variety of special festivities taking place to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New year.

Annual hike held in Sheshan for New Year's Day2019-01-04

Sheshan Sheshan Tourist Resort hosted a hiking activity on Jan 1 to celebrate the New Year. More than 4,000 people participated in this year's event.

Welcome to Sheshan Winter Carnival2018-12-24

Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Shanghai has prepared a series of festive activities for tourists to celebrate the approaching winter holidays.

Happy Valley brimming with festive atmosphere2018-12-21

Shanghai Happy Valley is brimming with a festive atmosphere, as the winter holidays dawn upon us.

Explore the wonders of Sheshan's quarry area2018-12-04

The Wonderland Area, a theme park developed by Shanghai Shimao Group is now open to the public, offering visitors a chance to explore the renowned quarry where the first world's underground hotel is located.

Encounter your sweetheart at Sheshan this November2018-11-05

A matchmaking event will be held at Moon Lake Sculpture Park, Shanghai's Songjiang district from Nov 16 to 18.

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