Recommended cycling tour routes to enjoy Sheshan2019-03-06

Cycling is a good way to enjoy charming sceneries of Sheshan as temperature rises in March. Here are two recommended cycling tour routes.

Best places for admiring cherry blossom in Shanghai2019-03-01

Here are some recommended parks for visitors to admire cherry blossom in Shanghai.

Guides to enjoy spring in Sheshan2018-03-30

Sheshan cherry boulevard boasts the largest cherry groves inviting you to capture the beauty of cherries.

Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park2015-12-18

There are three routes to Shagnhai Yuehu Sculpture Park.

Free tourist buses2015-10-22

Free tour buses are available in the holiday resort which run along a circular route and connect all the scenic spots and hotels in the resort.

Routes of Happy Valley2012-05-17

Recommended route for young people and families are included in this article.

One-day fruitful Sheshan Mountain tour2012-05-17

Sheshan Mountain, Shanghai, is a good option for a relaxing weekend and short tour.

A family tour to the Sheshan National Tourist Resort2012-05-17

The greatest attraction of the Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park is undoubtedly the fascinating Moon Lake. It is like a brilliant pearl in the middle of the park.

Route in Happy Valley Shanghai2012-05-16

The first wooden roller coaster in China and the oldest roller coaster in the world, honored as the "First Ancestor of Roller Coasters".

Performance in Happy Valley2012-05-16

Large multimedia magic acrobatics read, "Happy Cube"! A blend of stunning acrobatics, cool visuals, fantastic colors and unique performances exhibit a mysterious and beautiful sight! It is both a sensory shock and audio-visual feast!

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