Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park upgraded to 4A-level2020-11-09

The Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort was recognized as a 4A-level scenic area, with the highest in China being 5A.

Enjoy colorful chrysanthemums at Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park2020-11-02

The Chrysanthemum Tourism Festival is underway at Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park in Sheshan National Tourism Resort and will run until Nov 22.

In pics: Vibrant Sheshan2020-09-29

The Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort is home to various attractions, including natural scenery, amusement facilities, traditional culture, distinct architecture, and more.

Shanghai cultural relics park immerses visitors in past2020-08-25

Guangfulin was a cultural, political, economic and transportation center in ancient times.

View the 'aurora borealis' in Sheshan2020-06-30

A light show resembling the aurora borealis will enchant visitors this summer at the Wonderland Area.

Chenshan Botanical Garden holds summer flower shows2020-06-09

Various summer flowers, including hydrangea, hosta, iris, and hemerocallis, are now in full bloom at the Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Touring Yunjian Granary, a culturally creative industrial park2020-05-20

The Yunjian Granary is a culturally creative industrial park renovated from obsolete grain warehouses and factories.

Chenshan Botanical Garden, an ideal place for parent-child tours2020-04-17

The Chenshan Botanical Garden in Sheshan National Tourism Resort is not only a great place for horticulture lovers, but also a wonderful place for parents to bring their children.

Explore Sheshan during the spring2020-03-31

Those looking for a refreshing spring getaway should consider Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Shanghai.

Only for Horticulture lovers: The best botanical collections in Songjiang2020-03-16

Chenshan Botanical Garden boasts a wide collection and ebullient display of plants native to East China. It is currently home to approximately 10,000 plant species.

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