Wooden Knocker Rock2012-05-17

Between the southern and northern peaks of East Sheshan, there is a natural rock. It looks like a wooden knocker used when monks chant Sutras.

Forest plank road2012-05-17

Forest plank road is a new attraction developed by East Sheshan Park. It starts from Baishishan Pavilion on the southern peak and stretches northwards along the eastern slope of the peak to Forest Café. The total length is about 270m.

Forest Café and Landscape Teahouse2012-05-17

In order to receive numerous visitors after East Sheshan Park was made freely open to the public, and raise the reputation of the park in tourism and leisure, two service outlets were built on the western slope of the northern peak: Forest Café and Landscape Teahouse.

Baishishan Pavilion2012-05-17

On the cliff of the southern peak of East Sheshan, there is a pavilion built on the original site of Baishishan House in memory of Chen Jiru.

368-step footpath2012-05-17

After stepping into the gate and crossing an orchid bamboo bridge, you will see a footpath leading to the mountain top.

Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Reading Platform2012-05-17

Lu Ji and Lu Yun are the grandsons of Governor Lu Xun and Admiral Lu Kang of the Kingdom of Wu in the Three Kingdom Period. They were influential writers and calligraphers in the Western Jin Dynasty. Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Reading Platform, also known as Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage, is situated at the southern foot of Tianmashan.

Nine Peaks Temple2012-05-17

Nine Peaks Temple, located in the northern peak of small Kunshan Mountain, used to be Sizhou Pagoda Complex. It was built in the first year of Emperor Qiandao's reign in the Southern Song Dynasty (1165).

Sheshan sights2012-05-16

Sheshan Mountain is located in Songjiang district, Shanghai, China. It includes East Sheshan Mountain and West Sheshan Mountain, 98m and 97m above sea level respectively.

Shanghai Sheshan Youth Camp2012-05-17

Located at No. 506, Huanshan Road at the southern foot of West Sheshan, the Camp was established in July 1983.

Shanghai Earthquake Museum2012-05-17

Located in Sheshan Seismic Station at the foot of West Sheshan, Shanghai Earthquake Museum was jointly established by the Earthquake Administration of Shanghai Municipality and Sheshan Seismic Station in 2000.

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