Guangfulin Country Park opens to public2018-01-05

Songjiang's Guangfulin Country Park began a trial operation received its first visitors on Dec 28 to provide local residents with a new place for recreation and exercise.

Duoyun Bookstore to become new culture landmark in Songjiang district2018-01-04

Shanghai Book Co Ltd join with Shanghai Century Publishing Group to build Yunduo Bookstore at Guangfulin Culture Relics in Sheshan, Songjiang district, Shanghai.

Queen of flowers: unique rose cultivars and cult classics2017-05-25

May sees an advent of a season for full bloom of numerous rose species. There are approximately more than 800 varieties of roses spread in vibrant colors over an area of over an area of over 50,000 square meters. Here is a list of some unique rose cultivars and cult classics.

Floral note to get about vibrant colors in season2017-05-19

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is a wonderland of colors as species of flowering plants can always be found there according to changing seasons.

Pin-worthy pictures of May flowers native to overseas land2017-05-16

Visitors can still find plenty of vibrant colors and lilting fragrances offered in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden in May.

Scenic spots populate metro line2017-03-13

Metro Line 9 to Songjiang South Railway Station was designed to facilitate easy transport between numerous scenic destinations, which range from historical relics, ancient waterside towns, and the noted Sheshan National Tourism Resort.

Walk along Shanghai’s top cherry boulevard2017-03-03

Shanghai’s most charming street for glimpses of cherry trees is located in the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden and the trees have begun to bloom.

Savor life in natural, man-made wonders2017-02-28

When the of cold winter begins to wane, it’s time to go outdoors and seize moments of excitement in the landscape and amusement park Sheshan has prepared for you.

International Wine and Spirits Museum2016-10-28

The International Wine and Spirits Museum is the largest wine museum in Asia.

Improvements in Shanghai sculpture park2015-09-14

Yuehu Sculpture Park signed a cooperation agreement with Jing'an Sculpture Park and East China Normal University.

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