International Wine and Spirits Museum2016-10-28

The International Wine and Spirits Museum is the largest wine museum in Asia.

Improvements in Shanghai sculpture park2015-09-14

Yuehu Sculpture Park signed a cooperation agreement with Jing'an Sculpture Park and East China Normal University.

East Sheshan Park2015-09-14

East She Mountain scenic spot is in East Sheshan, 72.4m above sea level. Its mountainous area is 850mu. It has a northern peak and a southern peak.

West Sheshan Park2015-09-14

Among the nine peaks, West Sheshan is famous for its richest natural scenery and cultural resources. The mountain is 97.2m high and has more than 800 acres of mountain forests.

Three Saint Pavilions2015-09-14

To the west of the square of West Sheshan Church, there are three pavilions, namely: Sacred Heart of Jesus Pavilion, Virgin Mary Pavilion and St. Joseph Pavilion.

Sheshan Monastery2015-09-14

At the southwestern foot of West Sheshan and on the former site of Xuanmiao Temple, there are a few buildings. Here lies Sheshan Monastery – a cradle of Catholic priests in China.

Shanghai Sheshan Youth Camp2012-05-17

Located at No. 506, Huanshan Road at the southern foot of West Sheshan, the Camp was established in July 1983.

Ancient ginkgo2012-05-17

About 20m northeast of Huzhu Pagoda, there is an ancient ginkgo more than 700 years old. It is the oldest tree in the nine peaks and 12 mountains.

Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage2012-05-17

Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage is a compound consisting of two buildings symmetric on the south and north elevations, a gatehouse made of carved bricks and a courtyard.

Small Kunshan Mountain Park2012-05-17

Xiaokun Mountain is located in the northwest of Songjiang. It is 55m high and covers 500 acres of land. It is at the southernmost tip of the nine peaks.

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