Drive Way of the First Emperor of Qin2012-05-17

In October 210 BC, the First Emperor of Qin made his fifth southern tour in the company of Prime Minister Li Si and Prince Hu Hai.

Inscription on a cliff2012-05-17

In the 1990s, tourists found an inscription on a cliff near Lu Ji and Lu Yun’s Reading Platform. The characters are simple and strong.

Small Kunshan Mountain Park2012-05-17

Xiaokun Mountain is located in the northwest of Songjiang. It is 55m high and covers 500 acres of land. It is at the southernmost tip of the nine peaks.

Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage2012-05-17

Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage is a compound consisting of two buildings symmetric on the south and north elevations, a gatehouse made of carved bricks and a courtyard.

Ancient ginkgo2012-05-17

About 20m northeast of Huzhu Pagoda, there is an ancient ginkgo more than 700 years old. It is the oldest tree in the nine peaks and 12 mountains.

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