Forest plank road2012-05-17

Forest plank road is a new attraction developed by East Sheshan Park. It starts from Baishishan Pavilion on the southern peak and stretches northwards along the eastern slope of the peak to Forest Café. The total length is about 270m.

Wooden Knocker Rock2012-05-17

Between the southern and northern peaks of East Sheshan, there is a natural rock. It looks like a wooden knocker used when monks chant Sutras.

Buddha Spring2012-05-17

Buddha Spring is in the ascending section of the ancient Emperor Qianlong path in East Sheshan after it makes a left turn.

Tianma Mountain Park2012-05-17

Tianmashan is also known as Ganshan. It got its name when Gan Jiang and Mo Ye cast swords here in the Spring and Autumn Period. As the mountain had many temples and worshipers, it is also called "Shaoxiangshan".

Huzhu Pagoda2012-05-17

Huzhu Pagoda is on the right of the middle peak of Tianmashan. It is a seven-story octagonal brick-wood structure and about 18.8m high.

Light of Buddha in Tianmashan2012-05-17

China has three places famous for the light of Buddha. They are Emeishan, Huangshan and Tianmashan. The mysterious light of Buddha in Tianmashan has two wonders.

No 4 Spring in China2012-05-17

Also known as Zhuoyue Spring, the spring is on the southern slope of Huzhu Pagoda. According to the legend, Sage of Tea Lu Yu born in the Tang Dynasty even visited Tianmashan.

Three-Sage Tombs2012-05-17

Three-Sage Tombs are at the eastern foot of Tianmashan. They are the tombs of Yang Weizhen, Qian Weishan and Lu Juren, scholars in the Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368).

Bamboo Playground2012-05-17

Situated at the northern foot of West Sheshan and to the west of Xiudaozhe Pagoda and covering more than 20,000m2 of land, Bamboo Playground is a forest playground catering for leisure, entertainment, extreme challenge, exercise and bodybuilding for both the young and the old.

Heart-cleaning Spring2012-05-17

Heart-cleaning Spring is on the western slope of West Sheshan. It is said that this spring was dug by Taoist Cong in the Northern Song Dynasty.

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