Traffic information for Chenshan Grassland Broadcast Concert2018-05-18

The 2018 Chenshan Grassland Music Festival is to unveil its curtain on May 19 where music fans will have the chance to enjoy a spectacular symphony gala.

Songjiang No 98 bus put into operation2018-05-08

Songjiang No 98 bus was put into operation on May 2 in a bid to facilitate public transportation and promote all-for-one tourism in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Driving directions to Chenshan Botanical Garden2015-07-08

The tourists can also drive their own cars to Chenshan Botanical Garden.

How to get to Chenshan Botanical Garden2015-07-08

The tourists can go to the Chenshan Botanical bus and metro.

Self-drive Line to Sheshan2012-05-28

Shanghai downtown—Yan'an Elevated Road—Entrance Way to Huqingping Expressway (G50 Huyu Road)—Zhongchun Road—Husong Road—Shenzhuan Road—Waiqingsong Road

Bus Lines to Sheshan2012-05-28

There are several bus lines that will lead the visitors to Sheshan Scenic Spot.

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