Moon Lake Sculpture Lake Park invites you to parent-child camp2019-01-17

Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Lake Park in Sheshan, Songjiang district is to host a parent-child camp for families on Jan 19 and 20.

Sculpture parks join hands to promote artwork exchanges2019-01-11

Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Lake Park, Jiangan Sculpture Park and East China Normal University recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote sculpture artwork exchanges.

Photography exhibition showcases Chenshan in four seasons2019-01-08

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is hosting a photography exhibition themed around "Impression of Chenshan" from Jan 5 to Feb 20.

Annual hike held in Sheshan for New Year's Day2019-01-04

Sheshan Sheshan Tourist Resort hosted a hiking activity on Jan 1 to celebrate the New Year. More than 4,000 people participated in this year's event.

Guangfulin Country Park marks 40 years of reform and opening-up2018-12-31

Guangfulin Country Park stages a series of culture performances to celebrate the 40 years of reform and opening-up on Dec 28.

Chenshan to hold parent-child activities on New Year's Day2018-12-29

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden will launch two parent-child activities on Jan 1 offering visitors a new way to celebrate the New Year.

Awarding moments for Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental Hotel2018-12-26

The Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental Hotel in Shanghai Sheshan Tourist Resort has won a series of awards in 2018 for its unique architectural style, luxurious suites and qualified services.

Welcome to Sheshan Winter Carnival2018-12-24

Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Shanghai has prepared a series of festive activities for tourists to celebrate the approaching winter holidays.

Happy Valley brimming with festive atmosphere2018-12-21

Shanghai Happy Valley is brimming with a festive atmosphere, as the winter holidays dawn upon us.

Sheshan awarded Sports Tourism Boutique Destination2018-12-20

Shanghai Sheshan Tourist Resort in Songjiang district was awarded the title of Sports Tourism Boutique Destination on Dec 11.

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