Shanghai recital art festival held in Songjiang2021-11-22

The 15th Shanghai Recital Art Festival was recently held in Songjiang district in Shanghai to promote the district as a culture and tourism destination.

Package for tour of Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park on sale2021-11-18

A preferential package for a one-day tour of Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park and accommodation at nearby hotel Yuluxe Sheshan is currently on sale.

Succulent plants on display at Chenshan Botanical Garden2021-11-11

Chenshan Botanical Garden features the beauty of succulents.

Construction of new parking lot begins at Chenshan Botanical Garden2021-11-10

The Chenshan Botanical Garden begins construction on an ecological parking lot to improve its infrastructure and service facilities.

Stevia rebaudiana in full bloom at Chenshan Botanical Garden2021-11-09

Stevia rebaudiana is in full bloom at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanicial Garden in Songjiang, Shanghai.

Rare orchid in full bloom at Chenshan Botanical Garden2021-11-04

Coelogyne rochussenii is now in full bloom at the Chenshan Botanical Garden in Shanghai.

Shanghai tightens epidemic measures in culture, tourism industry2021-11-03

The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism will tighten epidemic prevention and control measures in the culture and tourism industry.

Chenshan offers flash sale for visitors2021-11-02

The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is home to approximately 10,000 plant species.

Guangfulin to stage Kung fu child play2021-11-01

The Journey of Shaolin, a popular Kung fu child play, will be staged at Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park this week.

Aviation fair held at Sheshan resort2021-10-29

The 4th Shanghai (Sheshan) Aviation Fair was held on Oct 23 and 24 at the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

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