Chinese roses enter blooming season in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden2022-05-10

As the temperature rises, the blooming season of various Chinese roses in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden has begun, bringing splashes of color to the garden.

Shanghai Happy Valley, Playa Maya Water Park win 3 Golden Crown awards2022-05-10

Shanghai Happy Valley and Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park, two popular attractions in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, bagged three of the 2021 Golden Crown awards.

Sheshan scenic spots in children's drawings2022-05-07

What are the children's reactions to Sheshan resort's attractions? Find out by looking at some imaginative drawings created by children.

Multinationals express firm faith in China2022-04-28

Multinational corporations in Shanghai have implemented contingency plans to maintain production as the city's authorities have introduced measures to help businesses in the city return to normal operations.

Shanghai stands resolute on COVID-19 strategy2022-04-28

With a large population of unvaccinated seniors and an already-stretched healthcare workforce, Shanghai cannot afford to relax its COVID-19 measures as it battles a severe wave of the Omicron variant, according to experts.

Blooming tulips brighten up Chenshan Botanical Garden2022-04-13

At Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, elegant tulips of various colors are in full bloom, making a dramatic impression.

Rape flowers burst into sea of gold in Xiaokunshan2022-04-07

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year and the best time to admire the fields of rape flowers that form a gorgeous and idyllic landscape.

Ministry emphasizes travel safety ahead of holidays2022-03-31

Helping tourist attractions and cultural hot spots prevent coronavirus outbreaks remains the priority of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday approaching.

Lockdown key for Shanghai2022-03-31

Shanghai's ongoing mass testing, both nucleic acid tests and self-administered antigen tests, is vital to reining in the spread of COVID-19 in the city, which is in the process of a two-phase lockdown, according to the Shanghai Health Commission.

Amid outbreak, city hospitals set up green lanes for emergency operations2022-03-30

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reiterated that emergency departments, fever clinics, intensive care units and hemodialysis, surgery, labor and delivery rooms at hospitals should remain operational as the city deals with its latest COVID-19 outbreak.

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