Chenshan Botanical Garden wins prize in micro-video contest2018-01-01

The micro video Secrets of Carnivorous Plants created by Chenshan Botanical Garden won the excellence award in 2017 Chinese forestry science micro video competition.

Families enjoy Christmas carnival at Chenshan Botanical Garden2017-12-18

Chenshan Botanical Garden offer visitors packages of parent-child activities to celebrate the approaching Christmas.

Sheshan offers you a snow-covered wonderland2017-12-18

Jinkuang Town in Shanghai Happy Valley creates a white wonderland for the approaching Christmas.

Enjoy luxurious Christmas cuisine in Sheshan2017-12-18

Sheshan National Tourism Resort in Shanghai has prepared a series of lavish cuisine for visitors to celebrate the approaching festival.

Gorgeous light show illuminates Shanghai Happy Valley2017-12-15

Hundreds of traditional and modern colored lanterns were lit up in Shanghai Happy Valley, to celebrate the approaching holidays.

Celebrate your wedding in style in Sheshan2017-12-01

Sheshan Moon Lake Wedding offers couples a range of magical wedding ideas to help you plan an unforgettable day.

Sheshan resort a national year-round sports tourism destination2017-11-30

Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district is promoting sports activities aimed at supporting the development of its "all-for-one" tourism model.

Sheshan awarded in 2017 China National Tourism list2017-11-27

Sheshan pocketed three of the 25 awards on offer at the 2017 China National Travel Award Ceremony in Kunming, Yunnan province on Nov 17.

Sheshan shines at CITM 20172017-11-27

Shanghai Sheshan Tourism Resort highlighted its abundant tourism resources at CITM 2017 held in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan province on Nov 17-19.

X-FLY drone racing contest touches down in Sheshan2017-11-23

Hundreds of the world's top drone pilots showed off their aerobatic skills at Sheshan on Nov 18-19.

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