Night runs in fluorescent light2017-03-07

Hit your stride with a group of runners on March 18 to light up the night at Wanda Plaza in Songjiang district, Shanghai.

Bathe in Xuelang Lake’s outdoor hot springs2017-03-07

Far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Shanghai, the Xuelang Lake Resort in the Songjiang district is a fabulous destination for a tranquil retreat.

Sheshan Lansun Fetival 2017 toots its horn2017-03-07

The 16th Shanghai Sheshan Lansun Festival will be held this year in Sheshan National Forest Park and Tianmashan (Heaven Horse Mountain) Park from March 27 to April 5.

Fun facts about flowers blooming in March2017-03-03

Dive into the fascinating world of flower-lore and gain a fresh perspective on flowering plants blossoming in spring at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Exotic flowers adds appeal2017-03-03

Varieties of vines, shrubs, and bulbs add beauty and color to the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden. Read on to learn more facts about these foreign flowers at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Walk along Shanghai’s top cherry boulevard2017-03-03

Shanghai’s most charming street for glimpses of cherry trees is located in the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden and the trees have begun to bloom.

Savor life in natural, man-made wonders2017-02-28

When the of cold winter begins to wane, it’s time to go outdoors and seize moments of excitement in the landscape and amusement park Sheshan has prepared for you.

Soak up the spring at Sheshan2017-02-22

With spring approaching, now is the perfect time to take a stroll around the mountains, bamboo woods, fields and stunning architecture in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district.

Days of cherry flowers approaching2017-02-15

The pink petals of cherry flowers at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden recently began to open, starting a grand season enliven by all kinds of cherry blossoms.

Enjoy time at Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park2017-02-15

The Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park project is a great resort with fabulous scenery and modern designs as well as various interesting functions.

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