Thrill n' chill in Happy Valley this summer2017-05-10

Adventure-seekers in Shanghai who have been dreaming up ways to get hearts pumping and adrenaline flowing need look no further than the city's largest amusement park, Shanghai Happy Valley.

Barbecue in the Qube Hotel Xinqiao Shanghai2017-05-09

The five-star hotel, was built by the Greenland Group which is rated into the Fortune Global 500 list, is well developed with modern facilities, elegantly furnished, with 212 superb rooms, and banquet hall which is able to hold a meeting attended by almost 700 people.

Discover Russian classical music beauty in Shanghai live show2017-05-05

For anyone that has ever been found of the grand atmosphere produced by traditional classical music, the "Concert on the Green" to be held in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden from May 13 to 14 must be a chance that cannot miss.

Riotous roses exhibited in famed botanical garden2017-05-02

The Shanghai 2017 Rose Show opened on April 27 at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Gardens and will run till May 20.

Peruvian multi-instrumentalist to stage Shanghai theater show2017-04-27

Alexandro Querevalú, a world famous Amerindian musical performer who has garnered tens of millions of YouTube views, will give one of his trademark stage performances to the fortunate residents of Shanghai’s Thames Town, in the city’s Songjiang district, on May 14.

Sheshan: Home to Asia’s top telescope2017-04-25

Towering over Shanghai Sheshan Observatory Workstation, the Shanghai 65m Radio Telescope, or Tianma, is one of the world’s biggest and most powerful telescopes.

Scenic sights woven into spectacular twills2017-04-19

Flowers at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden look as though they were taken straight from a painting.

Cherry trees in mid spring2017-04-19

Japanese Cherry, a kind of cherry tree that comes into full bloom in the middle of April is certainly a beautiful sight to behold on clear spring days.

Relics park to open soon, glorify Sheshan Mountain2017-04-11

Construction of the Guangfulin Relics Park, has almost come to an end and is estimated to open to the public in October.

Chinese snacks you can’t miss2017-04-07

Streets of Songjiang district, Shanghai, are spotted with many restaurants providing a multitude of authentic traditional Chinese foods and snacks featured in various regions of China.

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