Traffic information for Chenshan Grassland Broadcast Concert2018-05-18

The 2018 Chenshan Grassland Music Festival is to unveil its curtain on May 19 where music fans will have the chance to enjoy a spectacular symphony gala.

Amazing Chinese rose wall in Chenshan dazzles visitors2018-05-08

As temperatures rise, the Chinese rose Chenshan Botanical Garden has entered its viewing season by submerging a 600 meter wall in an amazing pink flower sea.

Spanish castle: Shanghai Gleetour Hotel to open in Sheshan2018-04-25

The Shanghai Gleetour Hotel featuring a typical Spanish style is set to open this summer at the Shanghai National Tourist Resort.

Spring scenery at Shanghai Botanical Garden2018-04-13

Shanghai Botanical Garden in East China's Shanghai presents spectacular spring scenery dazzling tourists.

Chenshan invites you to an outdoor symphony gala2018-04-02

The annual grassland music festival is to be held as scheduled on May 19 and 20 at Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Sheshan cherry boulevard: a dreamlike pink world2018-03-30

Hundreds of cherry blossom trees alongside the famed cherry boulevard at Chenshan Botanical Garden are in full bloom.

Guides to enjoy spring in Sheshan2018-03-30

Sheshan cherry boulevard boasts the largest cherry groves inviting you to capture the beauty of cherries.

Shanghai International Orchid Show at Chenshan Botanical Garden2018-03-26

The Fourth Shanghai International Orchid Show was launched at Chenshan Botanical Garden on March 23 offering an orchid extravaganza in early spring.

Bamboo shoots cultural festival to open in Sheshan2018-03-23

The 17th Sheshan Bamboo Shoots Culture Festival is to kick off in Sheshan National Forest Park on March 30, offering tourists a chance to enjoy spring bamboo shoots.

Sheshan in bloom: A sea of flowers in spring2018-03-16

Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district, Shanghai is blooming, and is luring a growing number of people to its parks and scenic spots to enjoy the full blast of the fireworks of flowers.

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