Have a date with Sheshan in this hot summer2017-08-10

The vibrant summer carnival in Sheshan is set to provide visitors with refreshing experiences.

Helicopters at Yuehu Lake invite you skywards2017-08-07

Moon Lake Sculpture Park opened a new way of sightseeing in August. Visitors can now hover in a helicopter over the beauty of Sheshan.

Perseid meteor shower putting on a show in Sheshan sky2017-08-04

The annual Perseid meteor shower is putting on a show in the night sky of Shanghai in August where Shanshan serves the best spot from which to take it in.

Chenshan Botanical Garden to host water lily exhibition2017-08-01

The annual water lily exhibition will be held in Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai from Aug 18 to Sept 18, presenting lily lovers with an exciting array of displays and activities.

Sheshan Astronomical Museum hosts meteorite show2017-07-24

​Shanghai's first meteorite exhibition was opened recently at the city's astronomical museum.

Motorsport bonanza beckons to Tianma Circuit2017-07-14

Shanghai's Tianma Circuit witnessed a fast paced action of the 2017 Sinopec China Touring Car Championship (CTCC) on a scorching July afternoon.

Photography contest to reveal Sheshan's beauty and charm2017-07-07

Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Sheshan town, Shanghai's Songjiang district, recently announced a photography competition aimed at showcasing the scenery and features of Sheshan.

Bookstore opens at the foot of Sheshan2017-07-04

The famous SDX Joint Publishing Company (SDX), a bookstore chain and publisher founded in the 1930s in Shanghai, recently opened a new shop called Bookstore by the Foot of a Hill, at the foot of Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Racing amateurs compete at 2017 TTAC One-Lap Time Trial2017-07-04

TheTTAC One-Lap Time Trial, part of the 2017 Shanghai City Amateurish League series, took place on July 2 at Shanghai Tianma Circuit.

An aerial shot of stunning Sheshan2017-06-26

It seems that words and pages are always beyond count whenever it comes to describe Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, a really fabulous place to escape all the hustle and bustle found much in prospering Shanghai.

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