Stroll through an 800-meter walk of romance2017-04-03

In early April the more than 300 Cerasus yedoensis cherry trees, and also some other varieties of cherry trees on the 800-meter-long passageway, become the highlight of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Join motor racing title fight at Shanghai Tianma Circuit2017-03-30

The 2017 motorbike and car racing series at Shanghai Tianma Circuit are coming soon.

Best places to go boating in Songjiang2017-03-29

Low-lying Songjiang district with its many lakes, rivers and streams is the perfect place to while away an afternoon on the water.

See stunning starry nights at int’l astrophotography event2017-03-27

The world famous "One World, One Sky" astrophotography exhibition opened on March 25 at the Shanghai Astronomical Museum and will last until July.

Rhododendrons burst into bloom in riot of colors2017-03-23

The 2017 Rhododendron Show will run from March 23 to April 4 at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Explore fun spring outings in Shanghai2017-03-20

Songjiang, Shanghai, is a district of prosperity and beauty, and has launched in succession a string of enticing projects for people to break out of the urban hustle and bustle.

Shanghai spring flowers guide2017-03-15

Shanghai Sheshan Botanical Garden is a renowned sea of exotic and domestic flowering plants in the metropolis of Shanghai. The following are some of the garden’s species blooming in spring.

Tracts of flowering quinces usher in florescence2017-03-14

Recently, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden has come to be captivating for visitors for the abundance of flowers blooming in succession.

Scenic spots populate metro line2017-03-13

Metro Line 9 to Songjiang South Railway Station was designed to facilitate easy transport between numerous scenic destinations, which range from historical relics, ancient waterside towns, and the noted Sheshan National Tourism Resort.

Shanghai Cangqiao Sixth Pear Blossom Festival arrives2017-03-09

Cangqiao Crystal Pear Production Base's pear trees have begun flowering, starting its Sixth Pear Blossom Festival, which will run every day between 8:00 and 16:00 from March 10 to April 12.

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