Sheshan hosts campaign to promote trash sorting2019-06-24

A promotional activity was launched at Sheshan National Forest Park on June 22 to promote trash sorting in local area.

Riding route released for admiring Sheshan's beauty2019-06-24

A riding route was recently released offering visitors a new way to visit Sheshan National Tourist Resort

Blooming lotus seen at Chenshan Botanical Garden2019-06-21

Lotus flowers at Chenshan Botanical Garden have entered their annual flowering time in June, offering locals a good place to enjoy the picturesque views in the middle summer.

China's version of Stonehenge at Moon Lake Sculpture Park2019-06-18

Moon Lake Sculpture Park is seeking to capture some of the Stonehenge magic with a similar but modern landscape feature, called Stone Forest.

Sheshan camp gets ready for children2019-06-17

The annual summer camp, "Fantastic Night in Chenshan", is around the corner at Chenshan Botanical Garden, which gives young ones a taste of nature and the great outdoors.

Playa Maya Water Park ready for all ages2019-06-17

Now summer is starting to sizzle, the Playa Maya Water Park in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort is under trial operation and is open from 10:00 to 17:00 every day.

Best places for a picnic in Sheshan2019-06-12

Picnics are a great way to spend quality time with family and friends in the early summer, and there's no better spot to do this than Sheshan.

Shanghai Quarry Garden highlighted on CCTV2019-06-11

The Shanghai Quarry Garden was featured recently on China's Central Television 1 (CCTV1) for its amazing work in quarry restoration.

Chenshan offers flower extravaganza in midsummer2019-06-10

The 2019 Chenshan Midsummer Flower Show gets underway at the Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Hydrangeas in full bloom in Chenshan2019-06-08

With summer finally here, the hydrangeas are in full blossom at Chenshan Botanical Garden.

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