Five Dragon Boat Festival delicacies2019-06-07

The most important traditional food for the Dragon Boat Festival is zongzi -- pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed leaves.

Children painting campaign donates proceeds to charity2019-06-05

The Yuluxe Sheshan, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, hosted a charity auction on June 2. The 20 paintings on offer were selected from among 130 submissions by children.

Explore Songjiang's brilliant culture in Sheshan2019-06-05

Songjiang district is hailed as "Root of Shanghai", for its prolonged history and brilliant culture.

Playa Maya Water Park to open in June2019-06-03

As the hot summer months set in, the Playa Maya Water Park is scheduled to open on June 16 in Sheshan, Shanghai this summer.

Shanghai Happy Valley opens new themed area2019-05-29

Shanghai Happy Valley opened its new themed amusement area on May 30 offering kids a new way to enjoy the International Children’s Day.

Sheshan highlights tourism resources in Tianjin2019-05-28

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism hosted a promotional campaign in Beijing and Tianjing from May 23 to 27 to highlight Shanghai's tourism resources and culture.

Savor early summer scenery of Sheshan2019-05-20

Sheshan National Tourist Resort is blanketed with greenery in the early summer.

Sheshan to host annual grass music festival in May2019-05-17

The Chenshan Grass Music Festival, China's largest outdoor classical symphony concert, is to be held as scheduled on May 18 and 19 at Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Sheshan telescope wins award in Shanghai2019-05-16

The Shanghai 65m Radio Telescope in Sheshan Tourist Resort, Songjiang district, Shanghai, won an award at the Shanghai Science and Technology Award Conference on May 15.

Camping campaign to be held for Duanwu Festival2019-05-15

Sheshan Ant Camping is set to host a camping activity for children to welcome the Duanwu Festival.

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