Sheshan National Tourist Resort shines at China Intl Travel Mart2020-11-17

Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort participated in the China International Travel Mart (CITM), which is being held in Shanghai from Nov 16 to 18.

Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants published in Chinese2020-11-16

The Chinese version of Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants was recently published in China.

In pics: Chenshan Botanical Garden in four seasons2020-11-11

The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is located in the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort and covers an area of 207 hectares.

Lantern show kicks off in Wonderland Area2020-11-11

A lantern show in the Wonderland Area of Shanghai Shimao Dream City in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort kicked off on Nov 7.

Enjoy crab at Sheshan's restaurant2020-11-11

Autumn is the best season for eating crabs from Yangcheng Lake, as this is when they're at their most fertile. In this season, crabs are delicious, with the weather helping to nourish the marrow and clear heat inside the body.

Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park upgraded to 4A-level2020-11-09

The Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort was recognized as a 4A-level scenic area, with the highest in China being 5A.

Golf tournament to begin in Sheshan resort2020-11-06

A golf tournament between Tianma members and Meilan Lake team members of Shanghai Sheshan International Golf Club is set to begin on Nov 11 at Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Chenshan Botanical Garden wins national recognition2020-11-04

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden in Sheshan National Tourism Resort received the 2020 National Award of Botanical Garden Excellence in Memory of Prof Chen Fenghuai.

Begonia Show kicks off at Chenshan Botanical Garden2020-11-02

The Chenshan Botanical Garden recently held its first Begonia Show, displaying 120 types of begolias from home and abroad.

Enjoy colorful chrysanthemums at Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park2020-11-02

The Chrysanthemum Tourism Festival is underway at Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park in Sheshan National Tourism Resort and will run until Nov 22.

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