Shanghai's largest indoor water park a summer paradise2021-08-26

The largest indoor water park in Shanghai, which covers about 15,000 square meters at Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district, has been a popular summer attraction.

Lonely tree in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden goes viral2021-08-24

An attraction where a single tree stands solitarily on expansive grassland at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden has gone viral and become a popular spot for visitors to take pictures to be posted online.

Chenshan Botanic Garden to hold annual waterlily showcase2021-08-20

The Chenshan Botanic Garden in Shanghai will be presenting an annual showcase of waterlilies from Aug 18 to Sep 18.

Creative fashion show at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden2021-08-06

Check out these design silhouettes that depict female figures wearing clothing decorated with flowers and leaves scenes at Chenshan Botanical Garden in Shanghai this summer.

Sheshan resort promotes summer carnival to YRD visitors2021-08-06

The Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort has extended a welcome to the visitors from the Yangtze River Delta region to experience its summer carnival through recent promotional events.

Five recommended summer tour routes at Sheshan resort2021-08-06

Check out the five recommended routes to tour through the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district of Shanghai this summer.

Guangfulin offers gifts to summer visitors2021-08-05

Guangfulin offers gifts to summer visitorsVisitors to the Guangfulin Archaeological Museum will have the chance to receive special gifts offered by the historical site in Shanghai this summer.

Sheshan's music festival sets tune for summer fun in Shanghai2021-07-13

With super idols and a light show performed by drones, a music carnival opened with style in Shanghai on Friday.

Water carnival at Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park2021-07-08

The Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park will hold a water carnival from now until Sept 5.

Shanghai Happy Valley kicks off EV Electronic Music Festival2021-07-08

The 2021 EV Electronic Music Festival, a popular summer event in Shanghai Happy Valley, will be held from July 10 to Sept 12.

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