Artistic sculptures captured at Moon Lake Sculpture Park2019-06-28

Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Lake Park, situated in Sheshan National Tourist Resort, is an art park integrating natural scenery and modern sculpture art.

Enjoy water sports at Moon Lake Sculpture Park2019-06-26

The Shenxin Maichi Water Sports Club, located at Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park, boasts a water area of 31 hectares and will offer visitors a refreshing experience to fight the scorching summer heat.

Sheshan hosts campaign to promote trash sorting2019-06-24

A promotional activity was launched at Sheshan National Forest Park on June 22 to promote trash sorting in local area.

Riding route released for admiring Sheshan's beauty2019-06-24

A riding route was recently released offering visitors a new way to visit Sheshan National Tourist Resort

Blooming lotus seen at Chenshan Botanical Garden2019-06-21

Lotus flowers at Chenshan Botanical Garden have entered their annual flowering time in June, offering locals a good place to enjoy the picturesque views in the middle summer.

China's version of Stonehenge at Moon Lake Sculpture Park2019-06-18

Moon Lake Sculpture Park is seeking to capture some of the Stonehenge magic with a similar but modern landscape feature, called Stone Forest.

Sheshan camp gets ready for children2019-06-17

The annual summer camp, "Fantastic Night in Chenshan", is around the corner at Chenshan Botanical Garden, which gives young ones a taste of nature and the great outdoors.

Playa Maya Water Park ready for all ages2019-06-17

Now summer is starting to sizzle, the Playa Maya Water Park in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort is under trial operation and is open from 10:00 to 17:00 every day.

Best places for a picnic in Sheshan2019-06-12

Picnics are a great way to spend quality time with family and friends in the early summer, and there's no better spot to do this than Sheshan.

Shanghai Quarry Garden highlighted on CCTV2019-06-11

The Shanghai Quarry Garden was featured recently on China's Central Television 1 (CCTV1) for its amazing work in quarry restoration.

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