Give your child a real travel experience this National Day holiday2017-09-30

The Children Outdoor Training course gives your child an authentic taste of life.

Shanghai Happy Valley invites you for a magical world2017-09-28

Shanghai Happy Valley has unveiled an exciting program of special activities to entertain visitors during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays on Oct 1-8.

Families enjoy wood workshop in mountain forest2017-09-25

Parents and children had a great time learning to whittle handicrafts out of wood at a special workshop held at Sheshan Mountain in Shanghai recently.

Sheshan attractions offering huge discounts for Shanghai Tourism Festival2017-09-11

Shanghai Sheshan Tourism Resort is offering huge discounts to visitors for a week during Shanghai Tourism Festival, which will be celebrated all over the city from Sept 9 to Oct 6.

Heli-tours offer a bird's eye view of Sheshan2017-09-01

Visitors to Sheshan Tourism Resort can get a unique perspective on this beautiful part of Shanghai by taking a helicopter ride around Moon Lake.

Water lily exhibition offers oasis of calm in Sheshan2017-08-24

The 2017 Chenshan Water Lily Exhibition opened in the Botanical Garden at the Sheshan National Tourist Resort on Aug 18.

Shanghai Happy Valley aims to attract young students2017-08-17

The theme parks Shanghai Happy Valley and Playa Maya Water Park are putting all their efforts into attracting young students born after 1995 during the summer vacation.

Have a date with Sheshan in this hot summer2017-08-10

The vibrant summer carnival in Sheshan is set to provide visitors with refreshing experiences.

Helicopters at Yuehu Lake invite you skywards2017-08-07

Moon Lake Sculpture Park opened a new way of sightseeing in August. Visitors can now hover in a helicopter over the beauty of Sheshan.

Perseid meteor shower putting on a show in Sheshan sky2017-08-04

The annual Perseid meteor shower is putting on a show in the night sky of Shanghai in August where Shanshan serves the best spot from which to take it in.

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