Shanghai fully prepared for diverted flights2020-03-27

Shanghai is among the 12 Chinese cities responsible for receiving all international flights bound for Beijing.

China suspends entry by foreign nationals2020-03-27

China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals holding valid visas or residence permits because of the rapid global spread of COVID-19.

Sheshan Forest Hotel reopens2020-03-25

The three-star Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel reopened on March 23 after closing in late January due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Traveling tips during epidemic2020-03-25

As the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread, governments around the world are pooling wisdom to cope with the epidemic.

Latest notice from Sheshan Golf Club2020-03-24

Sheshan Golf Club is strictly regulating its reservation process and admission procedures.

What makes for a healthy diet during an outbreak?2020-03-24

According to the guideline for diet and nutrition during the outbreak of COVID-19 issued by the National Health Commission, it is important to keep a balanced diet including grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs.

Shanghai Happy Valley officially reopens2020-03-23

Shanghai Happy Valley in Sheshan National Tourist Resort opened to the public while strictly controlling visitor numbers on March 20.

How to stay healthy while traveling2020-03-18

Guidance on how to stay healthy while traveling

Popular TV drama puts Sheshan in spotlight, again2020-03-13

The popular TV series I Will Find You A Better Home has just made InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland a trending topic on the Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo.

Chenshan Botanical Garden reopens2020-03-13

As the COVID-19 epidemic gradually subsides, Chenshan Botanical Garden reopened to the public on March 13, just in time to admire the blooming rapeseed flowers and cherry blossoms.

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