Balloon carnival in Happy Valley to celebrate Children's Day2018-05-29

With Children's Day just around the corner, Shanghai Happy Valley is to create a world of balloons with over one million balloons for children in its 10,000-sqm Fantasy Ocean Club.

Shanghai hosts world travel fair2018-05-25

The Shanghai World Travel Fair opened on Thursday and is expected to draw 65,000 visitors to the four-day exhibition.

Sheshan offers huge discounts for China Tourism Day2018-05-18

Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort will offer half-price or free tickets to visitors on May 19 to celebrate the upcoming China Tourism Day, which began in 2011 and falls on that day every year.

Traffic information for Chenshan Grassland Broadcast Concert2018-05-18

The 2018 Chenshan Grassland Music Festival is to unveil its curtain on May 19 where music fans will have the chance to enjoy a spectacular symphony gala.

Amazing Chinese rose wall in Chenshan dazzles visitors2018-05-08

As temperatures rise, the Chinese rose Chenshan Botanical Garden has entered its viewing season by submerging a 600 meter wall in an amazing pink flower sea.

Spanish castle: Shanghai Gleetour Hotel to open in Sheshan2018-04-25

The Shanghai Gleetour Hotel featuring a typical Spanish style is set to open this summer at the Shanghai National Tourist Resort.

Spring scenery at Shanghai Botanical Garden2018-04-13

Shanghai Botanical Garden in East China's Shanghai presents spectacular spring scenery dazzling tourists.

Chenshan invites you to an outdoor symphony gala2018-04-02

The annual grassland music festival is to be held as scheduled on May 19 and 20 at Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Sheshan cherry boulevard: a dreamlike pink world2018-03-30

Hundreds of cherry blossom trees alongside the famed cherry boulevard at Chenshan Botanical Garden are in full bloom.

Guides to enjoy spring in Sheshan2018-03-30

Sheshan cherry boulevard boasts the largest cherry groves inviting you to capture the beauty of cherries.

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