Savor snowy fairyland in Sheshan2018-01-31

Snowfall has added more charm to the winter scenery of Sheshan in Shanghai, turning its scenic spots into picturesque winter wonderlands.

Calligraphy culture campaign held at Xiaokunshan town2018-01-26

A Calligraphy culture campaign was held at Xiaokunshan town, Sheshan, Songjiang district, Shanghai city on Jan 25 to welcome Chinese Lunar New Year.

Mysterious foggy view of Chenshan Botanical Garden in Sheshan2018-01-24

These days a heavy fog has invaded Chenshan Botanic Garden in Sheshan, Shanghai, turning the city into a mysterious wonderland.

Chenshan Botanical Garden to host intl orchid seminar2018-01-24

The forth Shanghai Chenshan international orchid seminar will be held at Chenshan Botanical Garden, Songjiang district, Shanghai on March 23-24.

Chenshan Botanical Garden to launch natural education courses2018-01-15

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, the national base for scientific education , is to launch a series of natural courses to promote children's awareness.

Plum blossom graces chilly winter in Chenshan Botanical Garden2018-01-12

Plum blossom begins to blossom in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden enlivening the unanimated winter.

Guangfulin Country Park opens to public2018-01-05

Songjiang's Guangfulin Country Park began a trial operation received its first visitors on Dec 28 to provide local residents with a new place for recreation and exercise.

Duoyun Bookstore to become new culture landmark in Songjiang district2018-01-04

Shanghai Book Co Ltd join with Shanghai Century Publishing Group to build Yunduo Bookstore at Guangfulin Culture Relics in Sheshan, Songjiang district, Shanghai.

Chenshan Botanical Garden prays for New Year blessings2018-01-02

Hundreds of families got together in Chenshan Botanical Garden to participate in the hiking campaign to pray for New Year blessings on Jan 1.

Annual hike in Sheshan for celebrating the New Year2018-01-02

Shanghai residents were ready to vigorously embrace the New Year, as an annual hiking event took place in Sheshan, Songjiang district, Shanghai, on Jan 1.

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