'Baby blue eyes' seen at Chenshan Botanical Garden2019-04-12

A spectacular sea of blue flowers can be seen in early April at Chenshan Botanical Garden in Sheshan.

Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental Hotel receives high praise2019-04-08

Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental Hotel has received thumps up from numerous families for its high-end and comfortable facilities, breathtaking scenery and first-class personalized service.

Sheshan launches activities to celebrate Shangsi Festival2019-04-05

A series of featured activities is to be launched at Guangfulin Relics Park to celebrate the upcoming Shangsi Festival.

Songjiang No 67 bus connects most of scenic spots in Sheshan2019-04-04

Songjiang No 67 bus from Sheshan station to Xiaokunshan station passes by about 20 beautiful scenic spots in the Sheshan National Tourist Resort, making it easy for visitors to enjoy the views in comfort.

Sofitel Hotel offers green rice balls in packaged gift box2019-04-03

Qingtuan, or green rice balls, are widely consumed in China's Jiangnan area - the region south of the Yangtze River - around Qingming Festival.

Sheshan Bamboo Shoots Festival unveiled2019-04-01

The annual Sheshan Bamboo Shoots Festival was held at Sheshan National Forest Park on March 29 and will be last till April 7.

Shanghai purrs over new Hello Kitty theme park2019-03-31

The world's only Hello Kitty-themed pavilion brings a fantasy world with a retro decor for fans in Shanghai.

Shanghai Sheshan half marathon attracts 10,000 runners2019-03-22

The Shanghai Sheshan International Half Marathon was held in Shanghai's Songjiang district on March 17.

The Smurfs to be introduced to Sheshan2019-03-21

Shimao Group and International Merchandising Promotions and Services S.A announced on Wednesday that the first Smurfs-themed park in the Asia-Pacific region will be located within the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district.

Have a taste of fresh bamboo shoots in Sheshan2019-03-20

The annual Sheshan bamboo shoot festival is to kick off in Sheshan National Forest Park on March 29, offering tourists a chance to enjoy spring bamboo shoots.

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