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Shanghai botanical garden unveils revamped flower bed

en.sheshantravel.gov.cn| Updated: May 15, 2023


Sporting a dashing new design, the flower bed is bound to attract hordes of admirers. [Photo/WeChat account: sh_songjiang]

Adding a splash of jaunty color, the themed flower bed at the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden now has a splendid new look. 

The themed flower bed "Chenshan Impression" at the garden has always been one of the most popular attractions for visitors.

Covering an area of 897 square meters, it's located on a large platform at the northwest corner of the garden's greenhouse. Every year, the folks at the horticultural landscape department redesign the pattern of the flower bed according to different themes.

In previous years, more emphasis has been placed on a bird's-eye view effect for the entire flower bed design. This year, in order to enhance the visual impact for visitors, designers have created a vivid grid pattern.


The flower bed now sports a vivid grid design, formed by garden petunias of different colors. [Photo/WeChat account: sh_songjiang]

The entire flower bed is divided by a white grid that follows the shape and terrain changes.

In addition, the plants arranged in the flower bed are composed of white, dark purple and magenta flowers with a strong contrast, which look particularly eye-catching against the green lawn background.

Considering the high temperatures and rainy weather during this season, the designers selected the garden petunia as the main floral motif because they can bloom continuously throughout the summer.

Quick fact:

The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is located in the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district and covers an area of 207 hectares, making it the largest botanical garden in East China.

The garden area used to be occupied by old residential compounds, rice fields and a limestone cave before the local government in 2004 decided it would become a place to grow and study plants.

Today, Chenshan is a national 4A-level scenic spot and member of the international community of botanical gardens, as well as a leading facility dedicated to the collection, conservation and cultivation of plants in China.

It has a collection of more than 15,000 species and varieties of plants from 71 countries and regions, including some rare and endangered species. The plants are labeled with their names and identifying characteristics.

It also features a display greenhouse, which is its most popular area.

The greenhouse covers an area of 12,608 sq m and is divided into three sections: a tropical flower house, a sand plant house and a rare plant house.