Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental Hotel receives high praise2019-04-08

Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental Hotel has received thumps up from numerous families for its high-end and comfortable facilities, breathtaking scenery and first-class personalized service.

Three Sheshan restaurants awarded 'Green Restaurant' titles2019-03-15

Songjiang district recently announced the first batch of green restaurants, aiming to promote the plan that has pledged to build more than 120 green restaurants in the next three years.

Awarding moments for Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental Hotel2018-12-26

The Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental Hotel in Shanghai Sheshan Tourist Resort has won a series of awards in 2018 for its unique architectural style, luxurious suites and qualified services.

A glimpse of 'Deep Pit Hotel' in Shanghai2018-12-05

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, is built into the side of an 88-metre deep, water-filled quarry in Shanghai’s Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Views are pits: a glimpse of world's first underground hotel2018-11-22

The long-waited underground hotel was put into operation in Shanghai's Sheshan National Tourist Resort on Nov 20, becoming the first hotel of its kind in the world.

InterContinental's 200th hotel opens in Shanghai2018-11-21

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland opened Thursday, the 200th hotel worldwide in the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts brand's growing portfolio, adding a new attraction to the bustling metropolis.

World's first underground hotel to open in Shanghai this month2018-11-13

The world's first underground hotel will open to the public on November 20 in Shanghai, according to Xinhua.

'Deep Pit Hotel' set to open in the fourth quarter2018-08-31

The "Deep Pit Hotel", the lowest-lying hotel in the world, will open in Shanghai between October and December.

Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel2018-08-01

The three-star Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel was constructed in the mountains, which covers more than 80 acres and located half way up the East mountain.

Spanish castle: Shanghai Gleetour Hotel to open in Sheshan2018-04-25

The Shanghai Gleetour Hotel featuring a typical Spanish style is set to open this summer at the Shanghai National Tourist Resort.

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