Red water chestnuts2017-06-06

Red water chestnuts, a famous specialty for more than a century, have four spiny angles and resemble silver ingots in shape.

Sheshan bamboo shoots with green soy bean2017-06-06

Sheshan Hill is known for its abundance of bamboo shoots, which are tender, crisp and fresh and emit a special scent similar to that of an orchid.

Sheshan spiced corned egg with pickles2017-06-06

Locals usually put the duck eggs, which are green and rich in nutrients, into a marinade and add more than 10 condiments before simmering the eggs over a slow fire.

Weevers with "four gills"2017-06-06

At first sight, they seem to have four gills, but after a close look you will notice that they just have two gills.

Brasenia schreberi2017-06-06

Brasenia schreberi, also known as water-shields, grow in areas near Mao Lake and the "nine hills". They often grow in the wild and are considered the best of the aquatic vegetables.

Tianmashan Cherry2017-06-06

The cherries are famous for their big size, thin skin, sweet flesh and abundant juice.

Tiny eggplants with the scent of orchids2017-06-06

These eggplants come in two colors – purple and white. The size of ripe tiny eggplants resembles that of an adult's index finger. They are often eaten after being pickled.

Sheshan peach2017-06-06

Sheshan produces more than 10 varieties of peaches, including early-, mid- or late-maturing cultivars.

Sheshan green tea2017-06-06

The Sheshan tea garden is the only suitable place for planting tea in Shanghai.

Bar-b-q, camp, canoe, spa… all at Pujiangyuan Resort2017-05-15

Adjacent to the Huangpu River, the Pujiangyuan Resort has an enticing landscape where you may enjoy a good time inside a camp or roaming around in the area, and it has an abundance of natural mineral hot spring resources as well.

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