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Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort

en.sheshantravel.gov.cn| Updated: July 18, 2023

The Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park is home to a diverse range of beautiful mountains and forests. [Photo/sheshantravel.gov.cn]

The Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Shanghai is the only one of 12 national tourist resorts in China that is located in a municipality.

Boasting the only land forest resources in Shanghai, the resort covers a total area of 64.08 square kilometers, with its core area spanning 10.88 sq km.

The resort has 26 key tourism enterprises, six 4A-level tourist attractions, and six five-star hotels.

It offers a variety of tourism products and services, as well as views of nature, cultural heritage experiences, amusement parks, sports facilities, and luxury accommodations.

The resort's attractions include Sheshan National Forest Park, Chenshan Botanical Garden, Happy Valley, Playa Maya Water Park, Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, Yuehu Sculpture Park and other attractions.