Huang Gongwang's Nine Peaks after Snow and Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains2012-06-20

Huang Gongwang, nicknamed Crazy Taoist, is the nephew of the famous painter and calligrapher Zhao Mengfu in the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1271~1368).

Lu Ji's Letter of Recovery2012-06-20

It is a letter asking about the condition of He Xun, a friend of Lu Ji, a famous writer and calligrapher in the Western Jin Dynasty (AD 261~303).

Dong Qichang's Wanluan Cottage2012-06-20

It is an ink- washed painting on paper, 111.3 cm high and 36.8 cm wide, created by Dong Qichang at 43 years of age in the 25th year of Emperor Wanli's reign in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1597).

Eight Scenes in Yan and Wu--Nine Peaks2012-06-20

It is an ink-washed painting. The painting reflects the natural environment of the nine peaks. Peaks undulate among an expanse of water. Dong Qichang lived in the capital some 2,000 miles away from his hometown.

Huanger delivered letters2012-06-20

In the Western Jin Dynasty (AD 265~316), the 20-year-old, Lu Ji, brought his younger brother, Lu Yun, and his family to his hometown at small Kunshan Mountain. They studied behind closed doors. The brothers raised a dog that looked similar to a pony that was about 1m high and 1.6m long from head to tail.

Legend of Sheshan Mountain2012-06-20

Sheshan Mountain in Songjiang is known far and wide. Legend has it that this mountain used to be called Snake Mountain.

Travelogue: I love my hometown2012-06-20

I often stand in the constellation square at the top of West Sheshan Mountain, look into the distance and watch the large car park and the imposing gatehouse.

Travelogue: Linyin Road in the spring breeze2012-06-20

Each week, I find time to visit Sheshan Mountain by driving onto the viaduct from downtown Shanghai and speeding along the Huqingping Expressway. Perhaps tired of the urban hubbub, when I drive on the expressway, my mind reaches Sheshan Mountain. The familiar sight of Sheshan Mountain soothes and comforts me.

Travelogue: A winding road to Sheshan Mountain2012-06-20

Somebody told me a shortcut to Sheshan Mountain, so I drove along the road with expectation.

Travelogue: Love for the nine peaks2012-06-20

When I drove up the bridge, the corners of my eyes told me there was a beautiful scene coming in the distance. When I looked at the north, dim peaks towered. I pulled over my car in order to have a clearer look.

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