History of Lushan Mountain2012-05-23

The mountain is opposite Zhongjia Mountain and to the northeast of Sheshan Mountain. According to the Annals of Songjiang Prefecture written during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty (AD 1522~1566), this mountain was named after a person surnamed, "Lu".

History of Kugong Mountain2012-05-23

To the south of Phoenix Mountain, it is the smallest hillock among the nine peaks. It is 10m high. Its circumference is only 0.5km. Its area is about 20ha.

History of Zhongjia Mountain2012-05-23

To the northeast of Tianma Mountain and facing Lushan Mountain, it is 39.2m above sea level. Its circumference is about 1km. Its area is about 6.6ha. Its former name is Shouan Mountain.

History of Beigan Mountain2012-05-23

Located on the northern border of Sheshan town and bordering on Zhaoxiang town, it is the northernmost hillock in the area of the nine peaks. Its former name is Ganshan Mountain. It is 40.4m above sea level and covers about 13.3ha of land.

History of Sheshan Mountain2012-05-23

According to Yunjian Annals written in the Southern Song Dynasty, people with the surname "She" lived here in the ancient time, so the mountain was named Sheshan Mountain. According to Wuxing Annals, the mountain got the name as there was General She's Temple in the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25~220).

History of Tianma Mountain2012-05-23

To the southwest of Sheshan Mountain and north of Xiaokun Mountain, Tianma Mountain is the first peak of the nine peaks. It is 98.2m above sea level. Its circumference is 2.5km and area is about 120ha.

History of Small Kunshan Mountain2012-05-23

Xiaokun Mountain is at the southernmost tip of the nine peaks. It is 54.3m above sea level. Its circumference is 1.5km and area is about 33.3ha. When looking over it, it is like an inverted basin in a shape of "8". When seen from distance, it is like a lying ox.

History of Phoenix Mountain2012-05-23

With Tongbo to the east, Yuping (Xueshan Mountain) to the west, Sheshan Mountain to the south and Beigan to the north, Phoenix Mountain is 51.1m above sea level. Its area is about 26.6ha. It got its name because it looks like a flying phoenix.

History of Chenshan Mountain2012-05-23

It is about 2km southwest of Sheshan Mountain. To its east is Chenshan Pond. At its southern foot lies the old Chenshan town. The mountain is 69.8m above sea level. Its area is about 20ha.

History of Hengyun Mountain2012-05-23

Also known as Hengshan Mountain, it is to the north of Xiaokun Mountain and south of Tianma Mountain and about 2km from Jishan Mountain. It is 68m above sea level and covers about 53.3ha of land.

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