Sofitel Hotel offers green rice balls in packaged gift box2019-04-03

Qingtuan, or green rice balls, are widely consumed in China's Jiangnan area - the region south of the Yangtze River - around Qingming Festival.

Enjoy luxurious Christmas cuisine in Sheshan2017-12-18

Sheshan National Tourism Resort in Shanghai has prepared a series of lavish cuisine for visitors to celebrate the approaching festival.

Sheshan green tea2018-09-04

The Sheshan tea garden is the only suitable place for planting tea in Shanghai.

Red water chestnuts2018-07-02

Red water chestnuts, a famous specialty for more than a century, have four spiny angles and resemble silver ingots in shape.

Tianmashan Cherry2018-07-02

The cherries are famous for their big size, thin skin, sweet flesh and abundant juice.

Barbecue in the Qube Hotel Xinqiao Shanghai2018-07-02

The five-star hotel, was built by the Greenland Group which is rated into the Fortune Global 500 list, is well developed with modern facilities, elegantly furnished, with 212 superb rooms, and banquet hall which is able to hold a meeting attended by almost 700 people.

Sheshan peach2018-07-02

Sheshan produces more than 10 varieties of peaches, including early-, mid- or late-maturing cultivars.

Sheshan Specialties2018-04-02

The several specialties of different hotels and restaurants in Sheshan Scenic Spot.

Sheshan bamboo shoots with green soy bean2017-06-06

Sheshan Hill is known for its abundance of bamboo shoots, which are tender, crisp and fresh and emit a special scent similar to that of an orchid.

Sheshan spiced corned egg with pickles2017-06-06

Locals usually put the duck eggs, which are green and rich in nutrients, into a marinade and add more than 10 condiments before simmering the eggs over a slow fire.

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