Barbecue in the Qube Hotel Xinqiao Shanghai2017-05-09

The five-star hotel, was built by the Greenland Group which is rated into the Fortune Global 500 list, is well developed with modern facilities, elegantly furnished, with 212 superb rooms, and banquet hall which is able to hold a meeting attended by almost 700 people.

Sheshan Specialties2015-08-26

The several specialties of different hotels and restaurants in Sheshan Scenic Spot.

Tangli fish2015-08-26

Tangli fish is commonly known as Sheshan bass. It has a spindle form, a big head and a vast mouth, brown back, rough white color with tender meat.

Wild duck glutinous rice cake2015-08-26

The wild duck glutinous rice cake is a famous Sheshan species cultivated 70 years ago. Its name came from wild ducks coming there when they became mature.

Sheshan Tiancai2015-08-26

It is also called a stone vegetable and mountain-cloud mud which originated in the nine peak mountain.

Sheshan Lansun2012-05-17

Commonly known as orchid bamboo shoots, Lansun are produced in Sheshan. The orchid bamboo shoots taste fresh and delicious, and have a faint fragrance of orchid, which fills the room.

Meigong rice wine2012-05-17

Meigong rice wine is named after a famous Sheshan hermit ChenJiRu (Meigong). Meigong likes deer and good wine, leaving many anecdotes in later ages.

Sheshan dining2012-05-16

Red water chestnuts have four corners and thin red skin with sweet and refreshing juice.

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