Sheshan Specialties2018-04-02

The several specialties of different hotels and restaurants in Sheshan Scenic Spot.

Sheshan bamboo shoots with green soy bean2017-06-06

Sheshan Hill is known for its abundance of bamboo shoots, which are tender, crisp and fresh and emit a special scent similar to that of an orchid.

Sheshan spiced corned egg with pickles2017-06-06

Locals usually put the duck eggs, which are green and rich in nutrients, into a marinade and add more than 10 condiments before simmering the eggs over a slow fire.

Weevers with "four gills"2017-06-06

At first sight, they seem to have four gills, but after a close look you will notice that they just have two gills.

Brasenia schreberi2017-06-06

Brasenia schreberi, also known as water-shields, grow in areas near Mao Lake and the "nine hills". They often grow in the wild and are considered the best of the aquatic vegetables.

Tiny eggplants with the scent of orchids2017-06-06

These eggplants come in two colors – purple and white. The size of ripe tiny eggplants resembles that of an adult's index finger. They are often eaten after being pickled.

Tangli fish2015-08-26

Tangli fish is commonly known as Sheshan bass. It has a spindle form, a big head and a vast mouth, brown back, rough white color with tender meat.

Wild duck glutinous rice cake2015-08-26

The wild duck glutinous rice cake is a famous Sheshan species cultivated 70 years ago. Its name came from wild ducks coming there when they became mature.

Sheshan Tiancai2015-08-26

It is also called a stone vegetable and mountain-cloud mud which originated in the nine peak mountain.

Sheshan Lansun2012-05-17

Commonly known as orchid bamboo shoots, Lansun are produced in Sheshan. The orchid bamboo shoots taste fresh and delicious, and have a faint fragrance of orchid, which fills the room.

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