​2022 Chenshan Water Lily Exhibition

en.sheshantravel.gov.cn| Updated: September 16, 2022


More than 10,000 plants are on display at the annual exhibition of water lilies in the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]

The 2022 Chenshan Water Lily Exhibition, which runs from Aug 18 to Sept 20, is being held in the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden at the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Over 10,000 water lilies are in full bloom across the garden. This year's exhibition displays more than 300 varieties of water lilies. About 10 of the varieties, including the latest varieties cultivated in Chenshan, are being exhibited in Chenshan for the first time.

Chenshan set up five exhibition areas for this year's water lily display. They are the Huaying Yuyue Area, the Shanshui Water Lily Area, the Tropical Water Lily Area, the Hardy Water Lily Area and the Night Blooming Water Lily Area. Visitors can admire the flowers placed within water tanks and ponds throughout the garden.

The Huaying Yuyue Area is located at Linyin Square near Gate 1. It mainly displays Australian water lilies, the latest cross-subgenus varieties cultivated in Chenshan, and award-winning varieties like Nymphaea Midsummer.

In the area, visitors can also see gold fish swimming in water tanks while admiring water lilies. The fish tanks have been strategically placed so that the plants are fully exposed to sunlight so that visitors can appreciate them from the shaded areas.

The Shanshui Water Lily Area is located in the Xihu Lake area of the botanical garden, and has more than 100 varieties of lush water lilies on display.

The water lilies which bloom in red, orange, yellow, pink and white are distributed in strips along the lake's shoreline. The "Water Lily Shore", which is about 600 meters long, displays varieties such as N. 'Wanvisa', N. 'Pink Silk', and N. 'Mangkala Ubol'.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of water lilies in groups while strolling along the shoreline of Xihu Lake and taking in the picturesque views of Chenshan Mountain.

Water lilies displayed at the Tropical Water Lily Area at Jinghu Lake in the Mine Garden gradually change colors from red to blue from west to east. The lake's shimmering surface highlights the colorful water lilies and reflects the rugged mountains.

The Hardy Water Lily Area is located in the Fagaceae Garden near Gate 3. Its main exhibits are N. 'Jakkaphong', N. 'Paranee' and N. 'Pink Spot', and the tour bus route is between Mine Garden Station and Rock Garden Station.

The Night Blooming Water Lily Area is located at the Aquatic Garden and Victoria Lily Pond near Gate 1. Main exhibits in the area include the night-flowering water lily, the viviparous water lily, and the Victoria Lily, the largest kind of water lily in the world.

As a leading institution dedicated to the collection, conservation and cultivation of plant species in China, Chenshan garden has been hosting the annual exhibition of water lilies for seven consecutive years.


The Xihu Lake area in the botanical garden showcases more than 100 varieties of hardy water lilies. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]