Chenshan Botanical Garden hosts 2024 hydrangea exhibition

LMS| Updated: May 27, 2024

East China's Shanghai is currently ablaze with vibrant color, as it hosts the 2024 Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden Hydrangea Exhibition.

The event aims to celebrate the cultivation of vibrant hydrangea flowers and to promote their use in urban landscapes.

Running from May 23 to June 2, the exhibition is set against the picturesque backdrop of Chenshan Botanical Garden, located in the city's Songjiang district. It offers visitors a feast for the senses with its themed horticultural displays showcasing over 200 varieties of hydrangeas.


A vibrant display of colorful hydrangeas at the 2024 Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden Hydrangea Exhibition. [Photo/Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden]

Divided into several key areas, the exhibition features highlights such as the Maple Square Hydrangea Container Garden, where visitors can admire hydrangeas in various colors and shapes planted under the shade of maple trees.

What's more, the Hydrangea Specialized Garden, the main exhibition area, boasts a wonderful array of both domestic and international hydrangea varieties, including innovative breeds like the Falling Snow (Chinese: 落雪).

Visitors can also explore the surroundings of the Quarry Garden, where hydrangeas are displayed in clusters, creating picturesque landscapes.

Additionally, the exhibition not only offers visual delights but also educational opportunities. Visitors can attend lectures and guided tours to learn about the history and cultivation of hydrangeas.

What's more, there are also interactive activities for families, including floral art workshops and potted plant crafting sessions.