Master National Day Camp

LMS| Updated: September 30, 2022


A Master camper enjoys sailing at Shanghai Yuehu Lake Sculpture Park, a scenic spot in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]

The Shenxin Master Water Sports Club located at the Shanghai Yuehu Lake Sculpture Park recently launched the 2022 Master National Day Camp that teaches teenagers how to sail.

The club is accredited by the American Sailing Association (ASA). Its ASA training programs include basic keelboat sailing, basic coastal cruising, bareboat cruising, coastal navigation sailing, and basic small boat sailing.

The holiday camp, which runs from Oct 1 to 6, will provide youth sailing training and spread water sports culture. The classes will be taught in Chinese and English and the coaching team consists of retired professional athletes and coaches with professional qualifications. Campers will learn how to sail through basic theories, onshore training, and on-water practice.

It consists of five categories that are suitable for different ages and levels, including the Happy Sailing Camp, the Advanced Growth Camp, the Junior Competition Camp, the Advanced Competition Camp, and the ASA 101 Keelboat Camp. The camp duration is six days and five nights.

Coaches, lifeguards, life coaches and medical staff are all available throughout the course to ensure the safety of the campers.

Teachers are available to help campers any time of the day during the camp via the chat group. Master photographers document each day of the camp and post the photos in the chat group.

This year, the holiday camp launched a customizable paper album service for the campers to make a personalized photo album of their sailing memories.

Location: No 1158 Linyinxin Road, Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Songjiang district, Shanghai


People practice on-water sailing at Shanghai Yuehu Lake Sculpture Park, which boasts a water area of 31 hectares. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]


Shenxin Master Water Sports Club is an ASA-accredited facility. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]