Yuehu Art Museum holds exhibition, concert for Wen Kezheng

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A commemorative concert for Wen Kezheng gets underway at the Yuehu Art Museum. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]

The "Dialogue and Integration -- Vocal Music, Calligraphy and Painting Arts of Wen Kezheng" Exhibition and the "Aria of Life" Commemorative Concert were jointly staged in the Yuehu Art Museum in Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park on Nov 20.

Wen was a world-renowned vocalist, educator and has been the head of the vocal music department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music for more than 60 years. He was very enthusiastic about traditional Chinese culture, and carefully studied and practiced calligraphy and ink landscape painting.

The exhibition and the concert were co-organized by the Yuehu Art Museum, Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Wen Kezheng Music Family Art Museum, and were guided and supported by the culture and tourism bureaus of Shanghai Songjiang District and Jing'an District, Shanghai Sheshan National Tourism Resort Songjiang Management Committee, and Shanghai Songjiang District Sheshan Town People's Government.

Yuehu Art Museum opened the exhibition of Wen's works on Jan 25. The ongoing exhibition displays 41 masterpieces of calligraphy and painting works created by Wen in the past half-century. They show the resonance of Wen's calligraphy, music and the fusion of oriental landscape painting and Western opera arias.

The exhibits also included 10 pieces of Wen's personal collections such as hand-copied scores and teaching notes and more than 60 of Wen and his wife Wang Qiu's program lists, vocal work videos, awards and prizes and commemorative photos. Each exhibit is full of precious life memories of Wen and Wang. The exhibition detailed Wen's lifelong dedication to singing and education.

On the afternoon of Nov 20, Wen and Wang's students met at the Yuehu Art Museum, and "sang with" Wen at the exhibition, using their songs to praise their teacher. Wang was invited to play piano at the concert.

The concert consisted of 12 performances such as "Song of Wen Kezheng", "Where Has Time Gone", "Sad Father" and "Grateful Heart" that included soundtrack poetry recitations, solo performances, and choir ensembles. The event finished with the song "How Can I Not Miss Him".


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