Ministry relaxes travel restrictions

LMS| Updated: December 9, 2022

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has loosened travel restrictions in response to the nation's new policies on COVID-19 epidemic control and prevention.

On Friday, the ministry released a new guideline saying that travelers are no longer required to show negative nucleic acid test results or their health codes, and they no longer have to take nucleic acid tests after arriving at their destinations.

In addition, people visiting entertainment venues such as cybercafes and theaters are also not required to show their health codes or present negative nucleic acid test results, according to the guideline.

It said that tourism sites and entertainment venues should improve management of their employees and prepare enough protective gear and disinfection supplies.

Travelers must do their part to take care of themselves, it added.

"The consumer is primarily responsible for his or her own personal health, so it's very important for them to wear masks, wash their hands and have healthy diets," the guideline said.