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LMS| Updated: December 16, 2022


Shanghai Happy Valley is a popular destination for thrill-seekers. [Photo/WeChat ID: shanghaihappyvalley]

Shanghai Happy Valley is a large-scale theme park and a 4A-level tourist attraction in the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

It is one of the largest theme parks with the most advanced technology, high-quality amusement facilities, and most abundant cultural activities in China.

In 2018, Shanghai Happy Valley was named as the most popular theme park of the year at an awarding ceremony held by China National Tourism magazine in Shanghai.

It opened on Sept 12, 2019, and the park received a total of nearly 30 million visitors by the end of 2019, according to statistics from its official website.

The park is divided into seven themed zones: Sunshine Harbor, Happy Time, Shanghai Beach, Shang Ri-la, Happy Ocean, Goldmine Town and Typhoon Bay.

Arthur's Palace and the Soaring Dragon are located at Sunshine Harbor. Banquets, performances, and shows can be held at Arthur's Palace, while the Soaring Dragon is a cinema that offers the sensation of flying while watching a film.

Happy Ocean offers tourists an amazing ocean adventure by combining ocean culture with family entertainment, multimedia technology, and live performances. Its Sea Magic Museum offers over a dozen family entertainment attractions, including Asia's first indoor multimedia interactive corridor and the latest 6D roller coaster simulation.

There are around 100 experience projects throughout the park. It has spent years focusing on attracting young thrill-seekers by bringing the best entertainment facilities from overseas.

The park is home to the biggest rides in China. Those who are brave enough won't want to miss on the four roller coasters -- Wooden coaster-fireball, Twin-Tower Heroes, Diving Coaster, and Mega-Lite.

The Diving Coaster, China's highest roller coaster, was designed by the US and Switzerland companies, and the Wooden Coaster-Fireball, the country's first wooden ride, was also built using technology from overseas.

Shanghai Happy Valley is an entertaining place for the entire family and suitable for all people regardless of gender or age. The thrilling Wooden Coaster and Diving Coaster are ready for young people to try. Parents are welcome to bring their children to Ants Castle to play and enjoy the visual feast provided by the 4D theater.

Throughout the year, the park hosts a variety of seasonal events for visitors. In 2020, Shanghai Happy Valley hosted a spring sightseeing trip, two summer pop music concerts, celebration events for Children's Day in June, Halloween in October, and Christmas in December.

For families seeking excitement, the park regularly holds events catered to thrill-seekers such as high-tech shows combining water fountains, light displays, music and fireworks.

The park also holds visual extravaganzas such as large-scale water and light shows, plays with special effects, magic shows and sea lion shows. Several large indoor and outdoor performances are also presented, such as the large indoor circus show, outdoor movie and drama stunt shows, large horse battle live-action epic shows, and floating parades.

Shanghai Happy Valley has sufficient equipment and venues for corporate activities. The large Happy Theater, equipped with advanced facilities, is suitable for enterprises to hold parties, celebrations and reception activities. The numerous advanced and interesting recreational facilities are good choices for enterprises to cultivate their team spirit and places to conduct team building activities. The beautiful ecological landscape also provides an ideal place for enterprises to carry out outdoor activities. The fashionable and artistic shows enable business people to take a load off after a long work week.

Address: No 888 Linhu Road, Songjiang district, Shanghai


Visitors enjoy a ride at Shanghai Happy Valley. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]


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