Climbers celebrate New Year on Sheshan Mountain

LMS| Updated: January 5, 2023


Tourists climb Sheshan Mountain to celebrate the New Year on Jan 1. [Photo/Official website of Songjiang district]

The 17th Shanghai Shenshan Mountain New Year's Day Climbing Activity, one of the popular New Year celebrations in Shanghai, kicked off at Shanghai Shenshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district on Jan 1.

Beginning on the morning of Jan 1, the whole activity was broadcasted live, allowing more citizens to experience the tradition of climbing and praying for blessings on Sheshan Mountain online.

Climbing to pray for blessings on New Year's Day is a tradition within the Chinese nation, which means a good start of the new year.

After years of development, the climbing activity has become the city's featured outdoor activity on New Year's Day and fully displays regional characteristics of sports tourism.

Paper and ink were provided to participants at the foot of East Sheshan Mountain. Before climbing the mountain, many participants wrote down the words "Fu" and "Happy New Year". "It's been a long time since I looked forward to the New Year! I didn't expect to be able to write calligraphy at the foot of the mountain, so I wrote a few words to express my mood," said a tourist surnamed Zhang.

Accompanied by melodic music, tourists enthusiastically headed towards the top of Sheshan Mountain. After climbing to the top, they posted their own "Fu" character on the wishing wall, wrote New Year's wishes, and tied red ribbons with blessings for the New Year.

This year's climbing activity also displayed the "New Attractions and Good Places of Humanistic Songjiang", the "Xu Xiake Shanghai Songjiang Ancient Waterway" and the "Songjiang's Winter Blessing Tours Cultural Tourism Festival Activities", said an official with Songjiang district's cultural and tourism bureau.

The local police have equipped 18 civilian police and auxiliary police in Sheshan National Tourist Resort to be on the lookout, scientifically set up posts for peak passenger flow during crucial periods, and made full emergency preparations in order to fully protect the safety of residents and visitors on the basis of formulating security plans. The local police also performed a 30-minute high-altitude drone patrol every hour during crucial time periods.


Climbers take photos during the 17th Shanghai Shenshan Mountain New Year's Day Climbing Activity. [Photo/WeChat ID: jinrisheshan]


Tourists write down the Chinese character "Fu" (happiness and luck) to pray for good fortune in 2023. [Photo/WeChat ID: jinrisheshan]


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