Enjoy spring flowers at Shanghai Sheshan Resort

en.sheshantravel.gov.cn| Updated: March 30, 2023

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As the weather gets warmer, various spring flowers such as cherry blossoms, rape flowers and tulips are now in full bloom across popular scenic spots in the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort. Now is the best time to visit the resort to enjoy the beautiful flowers.

The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden in the resort is a must-visit place to appreciate flowers in Shanghai. In the springtime, the cherry blossom and tulip plantation areas in the garden have become star attractions.

Over 2,000 cherry trees in the garden are attracting hordes of tourists from all over the country. It is also home to one of Shanghai's most beautiful cherry boulevards. Now is the best time of the year to visit the 1,500-meter cherry boulevard.

About 58,000 square meters of cherry trees are now in full bloom alongside other spring flowers in the garden. There are various types of cherry trees, such as early-bloomers and late-bloomers, which enable visitors to admire the beauty of cherry blossoms throughout the spring. Images of cherry blossoms in the garden splash across news sites and social media every year.

The garden is currently holding the 2023 Shanghai Chenshan Cherry Blossom Festival, which features a variety of cherry blossom-related activities. Visitors can have picnics on the grass along the cherry boulevard, visit a special fair, rent hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing) to take photos, and participate in interactive games.

There are also various tulips that bloom in red, pink, yellow, orange and other colors in the garden. The best time for viewing the flowers lasts until early April.

In the garden, many types of spring flowers compete for beauty and attraction, but tulips stand out the most. Mixed-color planting and interplanting methods were utilized in the area as well as standard single-color planting methods to produce a colorful and multi-layer landscape.

Rape flowers in Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park has also started to bloom recently, and now is the best time to admire the golden rape flower fields. The park is also an ideal destination to appreciate cherry blossoms and plum blossoms. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful spring scenery while exploring Shanghai's history in the park.

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