Gungfulin Cultural Relics Park spotlights archaeology

LMS| Updated: March 30, 2023

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Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park, known as the "Root of Shanghai", is a popular place for children and teenagers to experience archaeology and learn about the city's history.

Guangfulin was a cultural, political, economic, and transportation center in ancient times. Its original surroundings have been preserved at Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park enabling visitors the chance to explore the area's authentic rural scenery, agriculture, and ecological culture.

The park's Fulin Teenager Village allows teenage visitors to learn about traditional Chinese culture in an immersive way. Its course "How to become a guardian of national treasures" involves archaeological activities, cultural relic restoration, and cultural experiences.

Students can use the resources at the venue to focus on archaeological restoration. The course can help them form a professional understanding of archaeology by listening to explanations and participating in the practice of archaeological restoration, while also cultivating their awareness of protecting cultural relics and cultural heritage.

The park also features a "Little Archaeologist" activity that consists of a half-day field trip for families. Participants can play the role of an archaeologist during the activity. During their trip, they will try to find the answers to archaeological questions, as well as learn how to use professional archaeological tools and unearth special cultural artifacts.

During their guided tour of the exhibition halls, participants can learn about several representative relics of the Guangfulin people and how they used them in ancient times. Participants can also observe the prehistoric houses and learn about the development of archaeology throughout the years.

Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park is a must-visit attraction in the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, as it offers visitors a chance to explore the origins of Shanghai and the city's ancient way of life through a series of well-preserved relics.

The archaeological site, where relics of an ancient culture dating back to the Neolithic Age have been unearthed, is home to many artifacts left over from inhabitants living in the area 5,000 years ago. There are also specially-designed cultural and archaeological exhibition halls, as well as commercial districts, giving visitors the best of both the past and present. Since June 1, 2021, the park has opened its public area for free, while some venues in the park still require tickets.

The historical site was recognized as a 4A-level scenic area in 2020, the second highest rating in China. It is located in the south of the resort in Shanghai's Songjiang district, about 30 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai.

Address: No 3260 Guangfulin Road, Songjiang district, Shanghai

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