The 21st Sheshan Bamboo Shoot Festival

LMS| Updated: April 3, 2023


Bamboo shoots sprout up at the Sheshan National Tourist Resort. [Photo/WeChat account: sh_songjiang]

As spring brings a blaze of new life to nature, the bamboo shoots have really sprouted up in the Sheshan National Tourist Resort – located in East Shanghai's Songjiang district – and visitors are invited to come and have a ball at the 21st Sheshan Bamboo Shoot Festival.

The event, which opens on April 7 at the Sheshan National Forest Park, runs to April 16 and features a raft of fun things to do – including online activities – all centered on fascinating things about bamboo.

One of the highlights of the festival is digging out bamboo shoots at Tianma Mountain Park, where visitors can experience mountain life and compete for the title of bamboo shoot king based on the weight of what they have collected.

Another attraction is a three-day bamboo shoot market at East Sheshan Park, where folks can buy fresh bamboo shoots and taste bamboo shoot specialty snacks and dishes.

The market also offers various quirky performances such as a bamboo pole dance, as well as intangible cultural heritage displays, Xinbang mountain songs and stage plays.


A dad and his girl dig out bamboo shoots at the Sheshan National Tourist Resort. [Photo/WeChat account: sh_songjiang]

On April 11, chefs from major hotels in the Songjiang district will gather at Guangfulin Prime Hotel to prepare bamboo shoot dishes, so visitors can taste them at the very best time of the year.

A staff member at Sheshan National Tourist Resort said this year's bamboo shoot festival tickets include discounts for Shanghai Happy Valley, the Sheshan National Forest Park, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park and Jegoplay Too Pancoat Park.

They also include preferential prices for food in the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, Sheshan Forest Hotel, Hotel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental-Handwritten Collection, the Guangfulin Prime Hotel and the Hilton Shanghai Songjiang Guangfulin.

Sheshan bamboo shoots are famous for their tender, crisp and fresh texture and their unique orchid fragrance. They were praised by Emperor Kangxi during his southern inspection tour in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). He named Sheshan as Lansunshan – or Orchid Bamboo Shoot Mountain.

The bamboo shoot festival has been held for 20 seasons since 2002 and has become an iconic cultural brand tourism event in Shanghai.