Sheshan resort's cafes join Shanghai Coffee Culture Week fun

LMS| Updated: May 24, 2023

The 2023 Shanghai Coffee Culture Week opened on May 20, with a variety of fun and exciting activities scheduled that integrate pacey commerce with culture and lifestyles.

East China's Shanghai, home to more than 8,000 cafes, has hosted the event since 2021 and this year's Coffee Culture Week will run through to June 2.

Coffee has become a key part of Shanghai's social scene, exemplifying the city's characteristics of being open and inclusive.

One great spot for it is the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, in Shanghai's Songjiang district. It's situated in a suburban area with rich natural scenery and cultural heritage and it's also home to some very special coffee shops.

These cafes not only offer premium coffee, but a relaxing and creative vibe for customers.


Stylish cafe Xian Coffee has special seats for reading and leisure. [Photo/WeChat account: jinrisheshan]

One of them is Xian Coffee, a newly opened cafe on Taoyuan Road near Sheshan Mountain. The shop has a warm yellow interior with various design features that create a playful and cozy ambience. It also has special seats for reading and leisure. Its coffee is blended from Colombian and Guatemalan beans that are roasted at the medium-dark level.


Another choice cafe – Sandy's House – has a warm interior with books and quaint decorations. [Photo/WeChat account: jinrisheshan]

Another popular spot is Sandy's House, also located on Taoyuan Road. The shop is warm and honey-colored inside, with books and a quaint decor. The shop offers delicious beverages such as hazelnut latte, osmanthus latte and piccolo.

Shanghai Coffee Culture Week also features a range of coffee-themed promotions and cultural activities, as well as popular coffee bazaars across the city. Coffee lovers can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and a raft of things – such as exhibitions, performances and workshops – to fully experience the rich culture of coffee.

The event hopes to boost the consumption of coffee and cultural products – and to promote the coordinated development of the two industries.