Sheshan forest park is Shanghai natural, cultural treasure

LMS| Updated: September 8, 2023


Always popular: The Sheshan National Forest Park is an appealing natural resource in Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]

The Sheshan National Forest Park, the only natural mountain forest resort in East China's Shanghai, celebrated the 30th anniversary of its opening to the public recently.

The park, located in the west suburb of Songjiang district, covers an area of 267 hectares and consists of nine peaks and 12 mountains. It boasts beautiful scenery, rich history and a diverse culture.

Sheshan is famous for its bamboo shoots, which have a faint orchid fragrance and were once praised by Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) during his southern tour in 1707. He wrote "Lansun Mountain" – or Orchid Bamboo Shoots Mountain – on a plaque and sent it to Sheshan,

leaning tower.jpg

The Huzhu Baoguang Tower on Tianma Mountain is regarded as the world's first leaning tower. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]

The park is also home to many cultural and historical relics, such as the Catholic Church on the top of West Sheshan Mountain, the Shanghai Sheshan Astronomical Museum, the Huzhu Baoguang Tower on Tianma Mountain – regarded by many as the world's first leaning tower – and the Jiufeng Temple on Xiaokunshan Mountain.

Many famous scholars and artists of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties lived in seclusion or visited Sheshan – including Chen Jiru, Dong Qichang, He Sanwei and Xu Xiake. Xu Xiake, a great traveler of the Ming Dynasty, started his last journey from Sheshan after visiting his friend Chen Jiru.

Overall, the Sheshan National Forest Park is regarded as being a natural and cultural treasure in Shanghai that showcases the unique beauty and ecology of the Yangtze River Delta. It is widely said to be a perfect destination for tourists who want to enjoy nature and learn about history and culture.