Industrial Bank Cup climbing event held at Sheshan park

LMS| Updated: November 27, 2023

The Industrial Bank Cup, a highlight of the Shanghai Amateur League, recently concluded its nail-biting climbing leg at the Sheshan National Forest Park – which is located in the Songjiang district of East China's Shanghai.

It saw nearly 300 participants from across the nation gather to conquer the scenic peaks of Shanghai.

The event was the fifth and final stage of the Shanghai Residents Mountain Climbing Competition in the Shanghai Amateur League for 2023. As such, the contest was said to mark a significant shift, with it making its debut at Shanghai's very special land-based mountain forest.

The course, spanning 6 kilometers or so, showcased not only the physical strength of the participants but also the cultural and natural beauty of Sheshan.

As the starting whistle sounded, a surge of runners darted into the winter sun, making their way through the Sheshan National Forest Park. The event provided not only a physical challenge but also a visual experience, with participants passing through green hills, bamboo groves and notable landmarks such as the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, Sheshan Catholic Church and the Xiudaozhe Tower.

Safety remained a top priority, with an extensive deployment of nearly 120 emergency personnel and strategically placed mobile health clinics along the course.

Equipped with medical rescue vehicles and portable AEDs, or automated external defibrillators – life-saving heart attack recovery devices – the organizers ensured the care of participants and a prompt response to any unforeseen circumstances.

The competition, held in various districts throughout the year, has been widely recognized for playing a crucial role in Shanghai's vision of becoming a global sports city.


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