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chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: January 2, 2024

International Services Shanghai is an upgraded, multilingual portal for the Shanghai municipal government. It offers a wide range of resources, including detailed policies, news updates, and useful tips specifically designed for expats in Shanghai who are seeking information on business, employment, travel, education, or shopping. This portal serves as a vibrant platform for Shanghai to exhibit its urban charm, highlight its favourable business environment, and demonstrate the city's relentless endeavours in expediting its journey towards becoming a modern metropolis with global influence.

A "1+3+N" functional platform

"One" multilingual website: The English beta version launches on Jan 1, 2024, followed by subsequent rollouts scheduled for Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic. The website will be optimised for easy use across various desktop and mobile devices.

"Three" social media accounts: Accounts have been opened on popular social media platforms including WeChat, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) with the purpose of providing timely updates and engaging content both locally and globally.

"N" – a series of activities: The portal prioritizes users' experience and feedback. To this end, it will coordinate a mix of online and in-person activities, including policy introductions, business consultations, themed salons, cultural experiences, and education and training. These activities are designed to strengthen the unique bond between expats and the city of Shanghai.

A "5+3" scenario-based platform

"Five" distinct scenarios: Specifically tailored to expats in Shanghai for business, work, travel, study, and shopping, the portal features content sections designed to serve each group's unique interests. Through checklist-style guidance, user-friendly instructions, quick access to commonly sought items, and the sharing of stories about expats' experiences, it showcases Shanghai's open, innovative, and inclusive urban character.

"Three" phase-based scenarios: The "Living in Shanghai" section is designed to cater to the prevalent needs of expats in their day-to-day lives. It specifically emphasizes three pivotal stages of the expat experience: "Relocating" for those preparing to move to the city, "Settling In" for those who have already arrived and settled, and "Everyday Living" for those who have already integrated into the local life.

A first-person experiential platform

The portal always prioritizes the perspective of users. The brand new "Expat Stories" video series showcases the remarkable journeys of outstanding foreign individuals in Shanghai, including scientists, executives, students, and innovators, through a first-person perspective. Listen to their authentic stories and feel the passion and success of expats achieving their dreams in Shanghai!



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