Shanghai welcomes in 2024 with Sheshan area mountain hike

LMS| Updated: January 2, 2024

In a grand kick-off to the year 2024, the 18th Sheshan New Year's Day hike took place at the Sheshan National Tourist Resort – located in the Songjiang district of East China's Shanghai – on Jan 1.

With its theme of "New Era, New Mission, New Journey", the celebration showcased the rich cultural heritage of the local Sheshan area through a blend of cultural, sports and tourism activities.


Expats enjoy a hike at the Sheshan National Tourist Resort. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyoutopnews]

The event, which drew in over 4,500 local residents and tourists, featured a variety of hands-on experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to have a go at traditional crafts in the Songjiang district – including  Shanghai-style paper-cutting, Yexie bamboo weaving and Sijing dough modeling – highlighting the region's unique cultural charms. Yexie and Sijing are two small towns in the district.


A boy plays Go with some actors during the event. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyoutopnews]

As participants climbed the scenic mountain, they encountered actors portraying historical figures such as the revered Chinese traveler Xu Xiake, who visited the bucolic Sheshan area five times from 1624 to 1636, as well as the fictional character She Xiaoya.

Together, they engaged in poetry, music and interactive cultural experiences, creating a bridge between the ancient and modern aspects of the much-loved Sheshan area.

On reaching the mountain's summit, visitors were invited to make New Year wishes at the wishing wall – capturing the collective spirit of hope and optimism for the coming year.


A woman proudly shows off her medal after completing the hike. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyoutopnews]

To ensure the safety of all, the Songjiang police deployed more than 70 officers within the Sheshan resort, implementing a comprehensive security plan. This included the strategic placement of personnel during the peak hours and the use of drones for high-altitude surveillance to quickly identify and address any potential safety concerns.