Shanghai's Songjiang district stars in top 2023 tourism list

LMS| Updated: January 31, 2024

The Genmai Xunzong – or the Roots Tracing, cultural and art tour which takes place in the Songjiang district in East China's Shanghai – recently took a big bow, in terms of receiving major recognition.

It was recently selected as one of the top 10 tourist routes for 2023 by the official "shanghaitourism" WeChat account.

Together, let's explore and unlock this hidden gem of a tourist route in the city!

Roots Tracing Cultural and Art Tour

Recommended playgrounds:

1. Art journey:

  • Yunjian Theater, including the Songjiang Library and the Songjiang Culture Center.

  • Zui Bai Chi Park

  • Dong Qichang Museum of Calligraphy and Painting Art

  • Cheng Shifa Art Museum

  • Songjiang Art Museum

  • Young Art Museum

  • Guoji Art Museum

  • Rabor Nova: A new cultural and creative park in the Songjiang district that integrates various entertaining formats – such as art galleries, reading spaces, dining areas, trendy play zones, artistic creations by members of the public and exploring the aesthetic life.

2. Cultural Exploration:

  • Shanghai Dharani Sutra Pillar from the Tang Dynasty (618-907): An ancient Chinese religious structure.

  • Songjiang Museum

  • Cangcheng Ancient Town

  • Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park, including the Guangfulin Archaeological Site Exhibition Hall and the Chen Zilong's Memorial Hall.


A simply breathtaking sunset view of the Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park in Songjiang district. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyoutopnews]

  • West Sheshan Mountain, located in the Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park.

  • East Sheshan Mountain, located in the Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park.

  • Xiaokunshan Garden

  • Sijing Ancient Town

Recommended time for exploration: Right through the year

The visitor may ask that in addition to all this, what other attractions does Songjiang district offer?

Other attractions:

  • Shanghai Happy Valley: Features high-tech entertainment attractions, including a 65 meter vertical drop roller coaster and a 1,200 m wooden roller coaster.

  • Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden: Located southwest of Sheshan Mountain, known for its vastness and the so-called Quarry Garden – formed by replanting and landscaping in a pit created by quarrying.


The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is a haven for photography enthusiasts. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyoutopnews]

  • Shanghai Shimao Elf City Theme Park: Offers both outdoor and indoor experiences with a Smurfs-themed area and a Kimbaland Guardians-themed area. Smurfs are little blue cartoon characters created by Peyo, the Belgian artist. Kimbaland Guardians is a domestic cartoon created by the Shimao Group.

  • Jegoplay Too Pancoat Park: A large outdoor parent-child amusement park with six themed amusement areas centered around Jegoplay Group's original story – Moon Picking Plan – featuring more than 100 different types of amusement facilities catering to the needs of all types of visitors.