Cherry blossoms thrill visitors at Chenshan Botanical Garden

LMS| Updated: February 28, 2024

Chenshan Botanical Garden – located in East China's Shanghai – is currently a veritable canvas of nature's beauty with cherry blossoms, particularly the Kanzakura variety, having burst into bloom, enchanting visitors with their delicate petals.

Scientifically named Cerasus × kanzakura 'Praecox', these small trees are known for their early flowering. As such, they've earned the charming title of "spring herald cherry blossoms", rivaling the grace of plum blossoms.

Records show the blossoms first made their appearance on Jan 20, just two days later than last year. Despite facing a setback from an unexpected cold front that brought six consecutive days of low temperatures, the cherry blossoms have continued to paint the garden with gorgeous shades of pink and white.

Now in their late peak, the blossoms have coincided with the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, bringing warmth and the promise of spring.


A bee flies up to blossoms in full bloom. [Photo/Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Garden]


The cherry blossoms are always a big hit with visitors to the garden. [Photo/Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Garden]


A close-up of enchanting cherry blossoms, now in full bloom. [Photo/Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Garden]