Shanghai Sculpture Park

LMS| Updated: March 11, 2024

Shanghai Sculpture Park is a stunning blend of natural beauty and contemporary art, located within the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district.

Established in 2005, this expansive 86.67-hectare park features a picturesque  Moon Lake as its centerpiece, surrounded by over 80 sculptures that convey themes of beauty, tranquility and vitality.

The park's design revolves around the four seasons, with each section of Moon Lake's shore representing spring, summer, fall and winter, offering diverse landscapes and architectural styles.

Visitors can explore various amenities and attractions tailored to each season, such as beaches, art museums and dining establishments.


The megalithic forest in Shanghai Sculpture Park comprises 26 granite blocks. [Photo/WeChat account: yuehussp1]


Novel and unique sculptures can be seen in Shanghai Sculpture Park. [Photo/WeChat account: yuehussp1]


Visitors take part in a pumpkin festival in Shanghai Sculpture Park. [Photo/WeChat account: yuehussp1]


Shanghai Sculpture Park's lush lawns create an idyllic setting, making it a prime destination for outdoor recreation. [Photo/WeChat account: yuehussp1]

Address: No 1158, Linyinxin Road, Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Songjiang district

Metro: Line 9 and exit at Sheshan Station

Bus: Songjiang No 92, Songjiang No 67, Songjiang No 98 or Huchen Line